Fonts and Colors Used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and More

Daniel Schwarz

Social login buttons, links to social media channels — in 2020 this is still a thing in web design and app design. I mean, what business isn’t on social media these days? It’s a necessity!

Knowing what the different fonts and colors used by social networks are (so that we can use them in our designs) is quite handy. It’s something we “google” every time we design an app or website. (For example, “Facebook blue”, “Facebook hex value”, “What is the color used by Facebook?”, and so on).

In fact, I bet that’s how you found this article!

Well, I won’t keep you waiting any more. Let’s take a look at the fonts and colors used by Messenger (by Facebook), Instagram (by Facebook), WhatsApp (by Facebook), Facebook itself, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and finally, Google/YouTube.

This article was updated in 2020 to show the newer fonts and colors used by social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various others. Google+ didn’t make a comeback.

What’s the font used by […]? 🤔

Quick note: system fonts (i.e. : system-ui in CSS) are the standard unless otherwise stated. For each medium, this means:

  • Roboto for Android
  • Segoe UI for Windows
  • San Francisco for iOS/macOS

Material design (i.e. YouTube and other Google apps) also uses Roboto. However, the actual Google logo uses Google’s very own Product Sans font (and this applies to the Alphabet logo too).

Messenger, by Facebook

The Facebook Messenger logo

Messenger Color Values

  • Messenger hex value: #0084FF
  • Messenger RGB value: rgb(0 132 255)

Messenger Fonts

Messenger on macOS uses Helvetica Neue instead of San Francisco, but everything else follows the system default.

Instagram, by Facebook

The Instagram logo

Instagram Color Values

  • Instagram hex value: #E1306C
  • Instagram RGB value: rgb(225 48 108)

Instagram uses many colors in their branding, although the color value mentioned above is the one used in their own examples.

WhatsApp, by Facebook

The WhatsApp logo

WhatsApp Color Values

  • WhatsApp hex value: #25D366
  • WhatsApp RGB value: rgb(37 211 102)

Facebook, by Facebook (lol)

The Facebook logo

Facebook Color Values

  • Facebook hex value: #1877F2
  • Facebook RGB value: rgb(24 119 242)


The Twitter logo

Twitter Color Values

  • Twitter hex value: #1DA1F2
  • Twitter RGB value: rgb(29 161 242)


The Pinterest logo

Pinterest Color Values

  • Pinterest hex value: #E60023
  • Pinterest RGB value: rgb(230 0 35)

Pinterest Fonts

Pinterest uses Helvetica/Neue Haas Grotesk for their website, but the default system font for everything else.


The LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn Color Values

  • Hex: #1666C5
  • RGB: rgb(22 102 197)

LinkedIn Fonts

LinkedIn uses : Sans-Serif on their website, which means Helvetica first/Arial second/system default otherwise.


The Snapchat logo

Snapchat Color Values

  • Hex: #FFFC00
  • RGB: rga(255 252 0)

Snapchat Fonts

Standing out from the herd, Snapchat uses the Graphik font!


The YouTube logos

Android, Google, and Google-owned apps such as YouTube use the design system known as Material Design, which makes references to several colors and also recommends the use of the Roboto font.

YouTube Color Values

  • Hex: #FF0000
  • RGB: rgb(255 0 0)


The Google logo

Google Blue Color Value

  • Hex: #4285F4
  • RGB: rgb(66 133 244)

Google Red Color Value

  • Hex: #EA4335
  • RGB: rgb(234 67 53)

Google Yellow Color Value

  • Hex: #FBBC05
  • RGB: rgb(251 188 5)

Google Green Color Value

  • Hex: #34A853
  • RGB: rgb(52 168 83)

Alphabet Red Color Value

Alphabet is the company that owns Google.

  • Hex: #ED1C24
  • RGB: rgb(52 168 83)

Social Media Colors as CSS Variables

Place this code snippet at the top of your CSS file to use the aforementioned social media brand colors (RGB) as CSS variables:

:root {
    --messenger: 0 132 255;
    --instagram: 225 48 108;
    --whatsapp: 37 211 102;
    --facebook: 24 119 242;
    --twitter: 29 161 242;
    --pinterest: 230 0 35;
    --linkedin: 22 102 197;
    --snapchat: 255 252 0;
    --youtube: 255 0 0;

Then call them like this:

.social-icon.facebook {
    background-color: rgb(var(--facebook)); // without alpha
    background-color: rgb(var(--facebook) / 50%); // with alpha

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Don’t worry — we’ve got a guide to free fonts that will get you taken care of.