By Jennifer Farley

New Logo For Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Unveiled

By Jennifer Farley

The new logo for the 2014 Commonwealth Games which will take place in Glasgow, was revealed today. The logo was designed by Glasgow-based design agency Marque and according to reports, is said to have cost £95,000. The design is based around numbers associated with the games. This is the 20th time the games have been held, there are 17 sports represented, and it takes place over 11 days of competition and 1 host city.




If you think it’s just a couple of partially completed rings wrapped around the letter G, here’s the full explanation from the press release on the Games website:

1. The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will be the 20th Games. This is a landmark number that adds to Glasgow’s pride in being its host.  The outer ring, that encompasses the others, is a strong, vibrant red – the official “True Red” of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) palette.

2. There will be 17 sports on the programme at Glasgow 2014.   The next ring of the brand identity, in “Triumph Yellow” from the CGF palette, represents the number of sports. It’s exactly 17/20ths of the full circle.

3. Glasgow 2014 will host 11 days of competition, which are represented in the third ring of the brand identity, rendered in the CGF’s “Heritage blue”, and making up 11/20ths of the circle.

4. At the heart of our brand identity is 1 Host City, represented by “G” for Glasgow, meaning “Dear Green Place” in Gaelic, and is in a suitably vibrant green.

The Commonwealth Games Federation has also approved, for the first time, the use of an alternative Gaelic form of the design. The Gaelic version contains the type “Glaschu 2014”, followed by "20mh Geamaichean a’Cho Fhlaitheis" (20th Commonwealth Games).

Logo Design Love also has an analysis of the new logo, and you can see an animated version of the logo here, on the Scottish TV website.

Any thoughts on the logo? Do you think it’s a good design or the do you think it’s a type of design you’ve seen many times before?

  • Over complicated, much?

  • Jack Matier

    Logo. Anyone?

    Where have I seen this before?

  • MetalHippy

    If you think it’s just a couple of partially completed rings wrapped around the letter G

    Yep, I fall into that category.

    I’m not struck on the logo, not impressed at all. I think the one for the Delhi games this year is more dynanmic and depicts the subject better. The Glasgow one looks boring in comparison

    I think i’m in the wrong job if people are happy to pay a reported £95,000 for this.

  • Hmmmm. This looks rather dated in style in my eyes, quite 80s actually. It’s such a shame that the footer elements are “required” – the designer is fighting a losing battle to create something unique before they begin. Marque have clearly produced a lot of fantastic work though – nice website design too – but I’m not so sure about this logo – it will be interesting to see how it moves across different mediums as a full ‘brand identity’.

  • Xpirtdesign

    You know what I have to agree with one of the comments, I mean it does seem a little bit too complicated. I believe a great logo is simple and understanding. But maybe that is what they wanted, something different, a little more edgy.

  • Gman

    Wow…what a rip off of Glenn Beck’s logo! That’s pretty cheap.

  • ShadyAidy

    About a zillion times better than the London 2012 logo, and probably at a fraction of the cost, too.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, the logo looks like one made by a child using paint the first time. way to complicated and I bet no one will remember it easily, also the colours are way to dark and it looks more like two logos than one.

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