Learn Angular

Angular is a powerful and widely used JavaScript platform that enables developers to create applications for web, mobile and desktop. It offers the tools and design patterns required to build large and small projects in a maintainable way. It’s mobile and desktop-ready, meaning you have one framework for multiple platforms. And you can find lots of materials on this framework as well as many useful third-party tools.

Angular is developed and actively maintained by Google, with a large community and ecosystem, and it’s used in apps like AdWords and Google Fiber. It’s a strong rival to Facebook’s React. If you’re trying to decide whether Angular 2 or React is the best choice for your project, we’ve got you covered with our React vs Angular article.

This Angular Hub offers lots of articles, books and courses on Angular, from beginner introductions to guides for Angular mastery and tools for boosting your Angular workflow.

Angular for Beginners

If you’re relatively new to Angular, check out our getting started guides.

You can start by reading about what Angular is and why you might consider using it. If you’re familiar with React, a rival JavaScript library, and are thinking of making a switch, check out our in-depth comparison of Angular and React. If you’ve used the older AngularJS and are looking to switch to Angular 2+, check out our detailed comparison of the two.

This getting started section also covers what you need to know about TypeScript, Angular 2 components, directives, testing, and lots more. And of course, we walk you through how to get started with your first Angular app.

Angular Tutorials

Once you’re up and running with Angular, it’s time to learn some of the amazing things you can do with Angular. We have a large range of Angular tutorials that dig deep into specific tasks, helping you learn to stretch Angular to its limits.

We comprehensively walk you through the ins and outs of building an Angular app in our seven-part series on using Angular CLI. We also cover working with the MEAN stack, integrating Angular with WordPress, understanding Angular’s component architecture, working with RxJS, authentication, routing, and more.

Angular Tools

There’s a huge array of tools and resources that complement your Angular journey and extend what you can do with Angular. We dig into a wide range of them in the tools and resources section of this Angular hub.

We cover plugins for Sublime Text, working with Angular 5 snippets in VS Code, productivity tips with WebStorm, using Augury for debugging an Angular app, and much more.

We hope you enjoy your Angular journey!