jQuery HTML5 Canvas Plugin – Gury

By Sam Deering


Hi guys, I stumbled upon a pretty cool html5 canvas utility library which uses jQuery to and html5 to create some awesome animation effects with the new canvas element. The days of using flash are over!

Demo API Core Library



  1. .canvas – styles/actions of the canvas
  2. place(node) / .place(selector) – easy add to element for canvas
  3. .size(width, height) – size of canvas
  4. .background(color) – background color
  5. .register(canvas) – allowing effects to be given to multiple canvases on the same page
  6. .ctx – the graphics context

Usage Example

$("my_canvas").size(200, 200).background('black').add(function(ctx) {
  ctx.fillStyle = "red"
  ctx.fillRect(10, 10, 180, 180);

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