By Sam Deering

6 jQuery Form Wizard Plugins

By Sam Deering

A jQuery Form Wizard is a jQuery plugin that assists with the creation of forms with some sort of form flow (without refreshing your page). There are heaps of form wizards around these days but few really good ones so we have listed six of them in today’s post, hopefully one of them will be good for you. As always enjoy!

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Update 19/05/2013: Found another jQuery Steps Wizard Plugin

1. Smart Wizard

Is a flexible jQuery plug-in for wizard like interface. It allows to group contents into sections and so it saves page space and also gives a neat and stylish interface for users.

Smart Wizard


2. jquery.quickWizard

A plugin that transforms a series of form elements into a simple wizard. Designed to work with the jQuery Validation plugin and the jQuery UI effects core and jQuery easing plugins for transitions.



3. jQuery Formwizard Plugin

A jQuery plugin which can be used to create wizard like page flows for forms without having to reload the page in between wizard steps.

jQuery Formwizard



4. jWizard

A jQuery UI Widget for all your Wizard Form Needs!


Source + Demo

5. jQuery Stepy

Is a plugin based on FormToWizard that generates a customizable wizard.

jQuery Stepy

Source + Demo

6. FormToWizard plugin

This detailed tutorial will show you how to turn long webform into a wizard with “steps left” information. A plugin is also available for download.



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