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10 Best JS Mobile Web Development Frameworks

Sam Deering

In today’s post, we are presenting our top picks of JavaScript mobile web development frameworks you should consider using to build your next mobile web app or website. JS mobile frameworks common characteristics: cross-platform, optimized for touchscreen devices, and uses HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

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1. ChocolateChip Mobile

It is a JavaScript framework developed towards future-forward web browsers. It shares syntax similar to jQuery or Prototype.
ChocolateChip Mobile
Source + Demo

2. Mobilize.js

It is a JavaScript framework for porting your existing website to a mobile-friendly version. I supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Opera Mini and many other browsers and devices.

3. DHTMLX Touch

A free HTML5/JavaScript framework optimized for touchscreen devices brings you the ability to craft beautiful mobile web apps quickly.

4. zepto.js

Is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers with a largely jQuery-compatible API.
Source + Demo

5. EmbedJS

Is a JavaScript framework for embedded devices (which includes mobile phones, TVs, tablets and so forth).
Source + Demo

6. xui.js

Provides targeted builds for specific mobile browsers such as WebKit and IE mobile for when you’re developing apps strictly towards a particular mobile device operating system.
Source + Demo

7. Jo

Is a framework aimed at developers working on HTML5-capable mobile devices such as those the use the iOS, webOS, Android and Chrome OS platforms.

8. The-M-Project

Is another solid JavaScript framework that takes advantage of new HTML5 features for easier and better mobile app development.
Source + Demo

9. Titanium Mobile

Supports native UI elements for iOS and Android like table views, tabs, switches and popovers. It also has features that enable you to interact with the mobile devices’ camera and native file storage system.
Titanium Mobile
Source + Demo

10. jQuery Mobile

It is a framework that will help you rapidly and confidently develop mobile app user interfaces across popular mobile device platforms like iOS and Android, is perhaps the most popular project out there.
jQuery Mobile