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Javascript Beautifier Plugin with Sublime 2

Sam Deering

Javascript Beautifier Plugin with Sublime 2 uses the the JavaScript formatting python module from jsbeautifier.org. The plugin is pretty basic at the moment, doesnt check to make sure you are in a .js file, it just formats the selected text, or the entire file if there is no selection.

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Code Before


Select your code and the execute the command

Full instructions below.

Code After


Setup Instructions

  1. Download the sublime format plugin from GitHub.
  2. Type %appdata% in cmd (start>run) and extract the folder renamed to β€œJsFormatβ€œ.
  3. Reload Sublime 2
  4. Select the JavaScript you want to make pretty.
  5. Press CTRL+SHIFT+P (or Tools>Command Pallet) and select Format as the command.
  6. You should now have pretty JavaScript!