Introducing SitePoint Base Theme for WordPress

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SitePoint WordPress Base Theme

SitePoint Base Theme

There are thousands of WordPress themes available, with endless choices for both users and developers. The problem is that, while most of them look nice on the front end, they are bloated and lack quality — not ideal for what is the most important element of any WordPress project.

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As you know, SitePoint is a hub for developers to share their passion for building incredible Internet things. SitePoint also actively works on its own products, and I’m excited to share the news that we’ve been working on a new starter theme called SitePoint Base Theme.

It’s only at v0.1, but it already ticks the boxes for me as the perfect starter theme. It’s minimal, clean, simple, lightweight and responsive.

Let’s take a quick look at the main features …

100% Free: Open Source GPL 2.0

In the true spirit of the project, SitePoint Base Theme is Open Source and free.

High Performance

It’s one of the (if not the) fastest base themes I’ve worked with. It’s incredibly lightweight and minimal — exactly what you want in a starter theme. It’s currently hitting 98/100 on the Pingdom Page Speed Test.

Code Quality

At the core of SitePoint Base Theme is code quality, currently passing the Theme Check QA test at 100% of 10,796 tests. Adhering to the latest WordPress coding standards and best practices is at the heart of SitePoint Base Theme, helping both users and developers future-proof their WordPress projects.

Mobile Optimized

With Google recently announcing they’ll be switching their index from desktop to mobile, a mobile-optimized site is even more important. SitePoint Base Theme has been built with mobile at the forefront, with a Google Mobile Test score of 100/100.

SEO Friendly

Bad WordPress themes can mess with your SEO, and even the prettiest themes fall victim to this. SitePoint Base Theme ensures all of your markup is in the right place, keeping the search engines happy.

WooCommerce Ready

With WooCommerce continuing to grow in popularity as the default choice for ecommerce sites, we’re pleased to say SitePoint Base Theme is WooCommerce-ready out of the box.

SitePoint Base Theme

Page Builder Compatible

SitePoint Base Theme plays nicely with all of the major page builders, including Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin Page Builder and Elementor Page Builder.

Try It Out Yourself

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other features I think you’ll love, so I’d encourage you to keep on exploring.

We’re going to cover SitePoint Base Theme in more detail in the coming weeks, but we’re keen for feedback. You can contact me at chris (dot) burgess (at)

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Chris isn't afraid to admit it: he's a geek from way back, having worked in IT for more than 20 years. He co-founded a digital agency called Clickify, working with a great team of developers and marketers, and is also the WordPress Editor for SitePoint. Chris is passionate about keeping up-to-date with the latest web technologies and can be found at many of the tech events in Melbourne, Australia. For more details, check out his personal site at

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