Browser Trends July 2014: Apple Pips the Competition

By Craig Buckler

Chrome’s recent ascent has dominated browser trends for several months. The latest figures from StatCounter indicate that Apple and Microsoft can still take on Google…

Worldwide Desktop & Tablet Browser Statistics, May to June 2014

The following table shows browser usage movements during the past month.

Browser May June change relative
IE (all) 20.76% 20.98% +0.22% +1.10%
IE11 8.47% 8.69% +0.22% +2.60%
IE10 3.30% 3.21% -0.09% -2.70%
IE9 3.23% 3.17% -0.06% -1.90%
IE8 5.29% 5.40% +0.11% +2.10%
IE7 0.17% 0.17% +0.00% +0.00%
IE6 0.30% 0.34% +0.04% +13.30%
Chrome 45.72% 45.54% -0.18% -0.40%
Firefox 18.71% 17.94% -0.77% -4.10%
Safari 4.61% 4.48% -0.13% -2.80%
iPad Safari 5.39% 5.81% +0.42% +7.80%
Opera 1.30% 1.32% +0.02% +1.50%
Others 3.51% 3.93% +0.42% +12.00%

Worldwide Desktop & Tablet Browser Statistics, June 2013 to June 2014

The following table shows browser usage movements during the past 12 months:

Browser June 2013 June 2014 change relative
IE (all) 25.42% 20.98% -4.44% -17.50%
IE11 0.00% 8.69% +8.69% n/a
IE10 9.88% 3.21% -6.67% -67.50%
IE9 6.79% 3.17% -3.62% -53.30%
IE8 8.04% 5.40% -2.64% -32.80%
IE7 0.49% 0.17% -0.32% -65.30%
IE6 0.22% 0.34% +0.12% +54.50%
Chrome 42.75% 45.54% +2.79% +6.50%
Firefox 20.01% 17.94% -2.07% -10.30%
Safari 8.37% 10.29% +1.92% +22.90%
Opera 1.02% 1.32% +0.30% +29.40%
Others 2.43% 3.93% +1.50% +61.70%

The tables show market share estimates for desktop browsers. The ‘change’ column is the absolute increase or decrease in market share. The ‘relative’ column indicates the proportional change, i.e. 2.7% of IE10 users switched browsers last month. There are several caveats so I recommend you read How Browser Market Share is Calculated.

The summer months in the US and Europe can be a little quirky with more people on vacation. Safari on the iPad has performed the best this month which could be explained by many of us lying on sun loungers.

Internet Explorer also made a small gain of 0.2%. It’s not much, but better than normal and slightly surprising if we are making the assumption that fewer people are at work and using the browser.

Chrome remained mostly static but Firefox had its worse drop in a year. Perhaps the version 29 redesign has not charmed the user base or enticed migration from elsewhere? I’ve not heard strong opinions either way so please leave comments if you’ve recently switched to or from Mozilla’s browser.

Opera is unchanged although almost 60% of users have now switched to a Blink-based version 15+ installation. The feature set has started to improve but it’s still some way from v12 parity. That said, the older edition is increasingly creaky — users must ultimately switch.

Worldwide Mobile Browser Statistics, May to June 2014

Mobile usage in June 2014 increased by another 1.5% to reach 28.47% of all web activity. If you were in any doubt about mobile growth, this year’s comparision chart will challenge your assumptions!

The top mobile browsing applications:

Mobile Browser May June change relative
Android 25.26% 24.49% -0.77% -3.00%
iPhone 21.34% 22.38% +1.04% +4.90%
Chrome 18.33% 19.40% +1.07% +5.80%
Opera Mini/Mobile 11.60% 11.49% -0.11% -0.90%
UC Browser 10.39% 9.81% -0.58% -5.60%
Nokia Browser 4.35% 4.13% -0.22% -5.10%
IEMobile 2.38% 2.35% -0.03% -1.30%
Others 6.35% 5.95% -0.40% -6.30%

Safari on the iPhone jumped by a larger percentage than its iPad cousin. It couldn’t quite match the growth enjoyed by Chrome although this was somewhat overshadowed by a large drop for the older Android browser.

However, remember these charts indicate web browser usage and not device sales. It’s reasonable to assume that many iPhone users have a good mobile data plan and are able to browse more than those with less expensive devices and more limited bandwidth. It’s possible that iPhone usage will fall as cooler months arrive — this appears to be the case in the southern hemisphere.

  • Fired Up

    I have found that Firefox v29 and now v30 fall over on me several times a day. The only support suggestion is that I run it in safe mode which rather defeats the object of using Firefox.

    Getting your Bookmarks etc. into a modern version of Opera is however a bit of a pain!

    I may just go back to v28 and hope the security problems are not too major.

  • Pullirajah Rajah

    Is it safe to use IE?

    • Craig Buckler

      Absolutely. While the earlier versions had security problems, modern IE’s are as safe as any other browser.

      • Pullirajah Rajah

        What is the technical merit of certifying a closed source as secure which had been insecure not so long ago & banned by governments?

        • Craig Buckler

          So why ask if you had already made a decision?

          What do you mean by “not so long ago”? If I recall correctly, you’re referring to IE6. The browser has now reached version 11. It’s not perfect but no browser is. It’s certainly as “safe” as the others.

  • Craig Buckler

    Perhaps you should re-install Firefox. Remember to remove your profile data for a totally clean install.

  • Alex Hall

    Funny, I’ve never had an issue with Firefox crashing. Particularly since the most recent updates/redesign. The only issue I sometimes find is that it doesn’t restore or know about my previous session.

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