Breaking Bad Habits: Ineffective UX Patterns

Annarita Tranfici

It isn’t always true that what becomes a hot trend is good for UX. Just because everyone is implementing a particular icon, navigation menu or pattern, it doesn’t mean that people will understand it, and that it will be a good solution for their personal project.

Often the wide adoption of a given convention is driven by a chain of copy and paste, rather than well-considered reason.

In this screencast, Annarita will focus on some ineffective UX patterns to wary of when building websites. All are still prevalent across the web but, however she will look into some considerations you may need to make when considering including these patterns into your next web project.

We’ll be looking at:

1. The Hamburger Icon – a three-bar icon used to indicate a menu
2. Image Carousels
3. Infinite Pagination