Gumby2 Backbone Bootstrap

Sam Deering
Sam Deering

I have created a new repo called Gumby2 Backbone Bootstrap which combines Gumby2 CSS Framework with Backbone.js. Hopefully it will help some developers get started with this awesome Gumby2 SASS framework! :) I have also put up a quick Barebones demo to show it in action. Also when your getting up and running you’ll need to monitor and compile your web app CSS3 files using COMPASS packaged with Gumby2.

Why Gumby2?

* Gumby2 has awesome touch event support.
* Gumby2 is powered by SASS (SCSS style and COMPASS built in) & custom settings file.

Why Backbone?

* Speed, it supercharges your web app.
* Data, Logic and View separation.
* Dynamic template loading and execution.

Bootstrap Features:

* Gumby2 Framework – Bootstrap UI, SASS, HTML5BP, Touch Support.
* Backbone Framework – Web App Models, Views/Templates


* Load scripts using require.js
* Document build process
* Document SASS usage

1-06-2013 2-12-27 PM