GUI for Man pages on Mac OS X

By Blane Warrene

For those in the SitePoint community on the Mac (as I am in most cases) — a nice tool written by Carl Lindberg called ManOpen simplifies accessing and searching Man files on your system.

It captures a list of all Man pages on the system, allows for searches by keyword and also a viewer within which to read and scroll. While the Terminal will do in most cases for viewing Man pages — there are cases where some simple searching within man pages across the board could save time.

The benefit of the index of Man entries is the optional time spent browsing and learning about new apps and procedures not yet explored in the course of work and research days…

  • pixelguru

    Thanks! I’m learning more and more command line stuff every day and this little app will certainly help.

  • saltwater

    Thanks for the blog on ManOpen Blane. As much as I like to grok the command line, its still not totally my cup of tea yet. Every help is vital.
    Couldn’t agree more with pixelguru

    Sidenote: Anybody using omniweb5, sitepoint doesn’t seem to render well. I did inform Omnigroup who told me they have fix it apparently (not). But for a browser like omniweb just a minor point, per site preference allow us to identify ourselves as safari to sitepoint, and sorted.
    Sorry for posting the little note here, I guess a lot of Mac user will be reading this blog.

  • DrewMerkle

    Very useful. Seems to work on Mac OS X Server 10.4.3, at least at first glance. Thank you.

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