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By Craig Buckler

Google WaveGoogle has announced that Google Wave, the new communication and collaboration tool, will go live on 30 September 2009.

Google Wave is one of the most hotly-anticipated web application of the year. Until now, only 25,000 eager developers have been able to get their hands on the project. Google believes that Wave is the next ambitious step in online communication. The tool combines email, real-time chat, scheduling, wikis, micro-blogging, live feeds and more. Andrew was very impressed when he viewed the demonstration in June.

The HTML5-based application will be released as an open source product and a full API is available to developers who want to extend the service. Web site owners can also embed Wave widgets using a few lines of client-side code.

The Google Wave release also puts two other recent announcements into context:

  • The new Google Chrome Operating System is highly likely to offer and promote Google Wave. It could be the killer application.
  • Google Wave uses HTML5 and cutting-edge web technology. How well will it work in Internet Explorer 6? Perhaps this explains why Google is so eager to encourage browser upgrades on websites such as YouTube — even when those sites have no obvious non-IE6 features.

The initial service will only be available to 100,000 people, so it’s probably best to sign up as soon as possible. The company is expected to offer unrestricted public access a month after the first release.

Will you try Google Wave? Can it live up to the hype?

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  • I’m still not too sure what to think of it, hoenstly.

  • keith5885

    Can’t wait! Will we have a Wave email address? Or something new like

    How do they see the conversion from the old email communication to the new system. What about people that don’t adopt?

    Will Microsoft build a wave application based on a google started protocol? haha

    Does Google think it is internet god starting trend setting protocols like this?

  • mmj

    Google Wave is the most hotly-anticipated web application of the year.

    Out of interest, what data is that based on?

  • I see a lot of skeptical people out there but I would think that web developers would be excited about the possibilities of this, I know I am :-) I do not think it will work perfectly from the get go but I see it as the natural course, and I think that microsoft would be smart to adopt this technology and build it into there email clients, especially since the server load would be paid for by google.

  • This is fantastic for us, as we are looking to develop the Google wave into some applications for Microsoft CRM and DotNetNuke.

  • I suppose that people who have no life outside the internet will be hotly anticipating this, but for the rest of us, how is this any other than a bundled email/blogging/im/calendar client? That puts even more power in the google stable, giving them more information than ever with which to target their advertising?

    At this rate, I can see a Google anti-trust suit not to far away.

  • @mmj

    Out of interest, what data is that based on?

    The statistics are based on the duodenum receptivity principle.
    Can you name any web apps receiving more attention than Wave?

  • LazyAndroid


    totally agree.

  • I guess I don’t really understand Google Wave, because I’m completely not excited about it at all and can’t say I really want to combine all those things in one application anyway. :D Maybe when it’s live and people are using it, I’ll catch on, but right now? Nah.

  • Tarh

    That puts even more power in the google stable, giving them more information than ever with which to target their advertising?

    You don’t have to use Google to use Wave.

  • Wave is a PROTOCOL that google have written. They have also written their own client for it, which they are open sourcing.

    I fail to see how this puts more power in google’s pockets, prevents MS from writing a client, or anything else I’ve seen in these comments.

    It’s analogous to email – the person who invented the email related protocols doesn’t have ‘all the power’ or spam them with adverts, nor does it prevent anyone else writing a client.

  • I agree with Stormrider.

    Watch the “under the hood” video about Wave on YouTube.

  • mmj

    The statistics are based on the duodenum receptivity principle.
    Can you name any web apps receiving more attention than Wave?

    I was just concerned that this article appears to be heaping a lot of praise upon this service, without in-depth analysis and balanced criticism, which gives it the feel of being more like a press release than an unbiased review. The “most hotly-anticipated web application of the year” claim sounds like what Wikipedia would call weasel words – who is it, outside Google’s PR department, that is saying this? Or is the buzz made up entirely of blog posts like these, doing Google’s PR work for them?

  • I may be comparing two different things but I think Google Wave has much more potential to “reinvent the web” than Opera Unite.

  • mmj don’t be so jealous of Google. Wave is the most “most hotly-anticipated web application of the year”. That sounds like a statement of fact to me, and since when is it against the rules to use Weasel words anyway?

  • The statistics are based on the duodenum receptivity principle.

    In other words, you just made it up.

  • In other words, you just made it up.

    Of course I did! How many recent surveys have asked “what new/unreleased web applications are most of interest to you in 2009?” Even if there were, survey results would be different and can be swayed by the questions you ask.

    In my opinion, Wave has received more publicity than anything else. I’m willing to retract the statement if you can name any other web app that’s received more interest (although how could you prove it??!)

    I’ve not praised or berated Wave. The article highlights the release date, some key features, and suggests that you should sign up if you’re interested. Wave is certainly different and has the potential to be a massive success or a huge over-hyped failure.

  • Craig… Thanks for the info. I did spend a few hours over the last couple of days perusing the info at the Wave site and watching the API video… Very impressive stuff and the entry level appears to be quite achievable. I’ll know more once I get my sandbox access.

    Thanks to Stormrider for providing a succinct explanation of what Wave is. Based on some of the comments, I think there was a bit of confusion.

    I think the bottom line is that it is going to be available and whether we choose to use it or not is up to us. I’ll likely use it because it looks like it will be useful.

  • Fair enough, you stated an opinion, but you didn’t state it *as* and opinion, you stated it as a fact. That’s what i take issue with.

    You think that lack of data to support a statement means that it’s okay to make that statement, whether or not it’s true? That just because I can’t prove you wrong, therefore you’re right?

    You should be working in PR dude.

  • What makes this technology exciting to me isn’t what it can do, but that it does it inside the browser and it’s a modular framework that we can use existing or build custom extensions for.

    I haven’t received my login to the sandbox yet so I can’t play around with it yet but the demo video shows examples of everything from live chats, with plug in image galleries, and search windows, to a game of chess all happening in realtime and more importantly in the browser.

  • @brothercake
    So is my opinion wrong? Are there more “hotly-anticipated” projects? Would you have believed survey results had there been any? This argument is getting daft!

    Sometimes things aren’t necessarily true or false. Sometimes things can’t be ‘proved’ either way. Sometimes, life is too short to worry about minor English expressions written on a week-old blog!

    However, since it’s still causing grief, I’ve added “one of” to the sentence. I hope that settles the matter?!?

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