By Sam Deering

Get Geo Location with 2 lines of JavaScript

By Sam Deering


This is how you can get a user geographical (geo) location using just 2 lines of JavaScript code. The first line loads the geo location JavaScript file and the second alerts the users location (inside a document ready which can be on one line).

The Code

Things to note:

  • Geo location provided is based on the ip address / location of your ISP.
  • You are reliant on the API service provided by

Run Directly In Firebug

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    jQuery.getScript('', function() 
    var country = geoplugin_countryName();
    var zone = geoplugin_region();
    var district = geoplugin_city();
    console.log("Your location is: " + country + ", " + zone + ", " + district);

Full List of Geo Location Properties

function geoplugin_city() { return 'Dobroyd Point';} 
function geoplugin_region() { return 'New South Wales';} 
function geoplugin_regionCode() { return '02';} 
function geoplugin_regionName() { return 'New South Wales';} 
function geoplugin_areaCode() { return '0';} 
function geoplugin_dmaCode() { return '0';} 
function geoplugin_countryCode() { return 'AU';} 
function geoplugin_countryName() { return 'Australia';} 
function geoplugin_continentCode() { return 'OC';} 
function geoplugin_latitude() { return '-33.873600';} 
function geoplugin_longitude() { return '151.144699';} 
function geoplugin_currencyCode() { return 'AUD';} 
function geoplugin_currencySymbol() { return '$';} 
function geoplugin_currencyConverter(amt, symbol) { 
	if (!amt) { return false; } 
	var converted = amt * 0.9587170632; 
	if (converted <0) { return false; } 
	if (symbol === false) { return Math.round(converted * 100)/100; } 
	else { return '&#36;'+(Math.round(converted * 100)/100);} 
	return false; 

Hello World Example


Integrate into a form:

More Info on the Plugin:

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  • Thanks for the tutorial! It works pretty well but it’s not very accurate with some data ^_*

  • chuch den

    That useful script, but how to get geo location time zone ?

    • Hi Church,

      I have quickly put this together, not fully working but will give you a good start.

      Get the Location (country)

      Get the UTC offset for the Timezone should give you the local time for the geolocation.

      Sorry I don’t have much time at the moment to code this fully.

  • Ashwin

    Thank You. Thank you very much.
    It works perfect. Thanks for the post.

  • Sanjib

    Thanks for the post. Is it possible to get Area?

  • Keefer

    Works like a charm. Thanks so much for posting this.

  • Noahdecoco

    This is a great and easy to use plugin. I have a question though, and I’m afraid of the answer. I need to detect if the user is visiting my site from the UAE, does that mean I have to search for every country in the UAE? Hope not! That’s going to be a LOT of work! How many countries are even there in the UAE?

  • tony_malony

    Hey, great tips! I have a quick question though.

    I have a mobile landing page that says “within 10 miles of your location”. So, how can I change “your location” to the actual city the smartphone user views my landing page from?

  • smoof_sm

    Any solution for finding geolocation through https websites? This script gets blocked on those.

  • Chirag Shah

    Can I get an example of jquery to get zipcode from lat and long

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