Examples of Broken CSS Wanted!

    Ricky Onsman

    We know in the brave new world of 2013 there is a lot of wonderful CSS being implemented across the web, delivering high quality visitor experiences and often pushing the boundaries of what people thought could be done on a web page without resorting to Flash.

    There’s probably no better recent example than our own SitePoint Christmas Sale. If you’ve forgotten what that was like (already?), you can check it out again here, and read the story of how Alex Walker put it together.

    Sadly, we also know that there is also a lot of less than wonderful CSS out there, delivering cracked, broken and poorly constructed web experiences that turn people off certain sites and sometimes the web itself.

    How good would it be if we could find all the broken CSS and, well … fix it?

    As people who value the web, we all know that things are at their worst when they look broken to users. Here’s an example.

    Broken CSS

    Yikes! Broken images, overlapping text, page elements flowing into each other: it’s a mess.

    Using the comments below, we’re asking you to point out sites to us that look broken, either because of CSS or JavaScript problems on desktop, tablet or smartphone screens.

    We do have an aim for this exercise, but we’ll let you in on our plans when we’ve gathered enough material to make a good start.

    So, go ahead, give us some links to broken sites you know about and be part of making a better web in 2013 and beyond.