DesignFestival: CSS Menus, Multiple Backgrounds, and More

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Create a Reusable CSS Menu with Photoshop

Your site’s menu system should reflect the style of your site. You can choose smaller, subtler sizes and fonts, or you can scale up to big spaces and matching typefaces. In this tutorial, we are going to create a more subtle, more sophisticated look.

Using Multiple Backgrounds for Flexibility in Web Design

It’s a tricky task to design an image-based background that stretches and shrinks to accommodate different browser sizes. But with a little CSS know-how, you can create a sharp, scalable background that fits both small and large pages without compromising your design.

The Best jQuery Plugins for Typography

For those graphic designers taking advantage of jQuery to enhance their sites, this collection of plugins is dedicated specifically to typography enhancing tools.

How to Create a Flashy Menu Using CSS

You don’t need plugins or heavy image files to create a dynamic, intuitive menu, and Rupesh has updated this great tutorial to include added support for Internet Explorer transforms. Make sure you read it to keep up to date with vendor prefixes!

What was the first website you designed?

We have an old, classic design buried in the back of our hard drive or hidden in some cobweb-ridden corner of the web. Share yours, and take a look at how far we’ve all come from our first website.

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Aaron Osteraas is a Full Stack Engineer at Vintrace. He lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. In the early 2010s, he was the Managing Editor here at SitePoint.

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