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Data-driven Development with Flash Builder, Part II

Andrew Gardner

In today’s tutorial, Data-driven Development with Flash Builder part II, the Funk Master of Flex Toby Tremayne wraps up his 3-part introduction to Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder.

In the previous installment, Toby showed us how to transition from a Flash Catalyst mockup to a fully functional data-driven development project in Flash Builder. This time round we’ll learn about some of Flash Builder’s more advanced features, and add some data-editing capabilities to the application we’ve been building.

To begin with, Toby explains that you won’t need to be a PHP guru (because Flash Builder handles that work load for you), but you will need to have PHP and MySQL installed. Then, we’ll import the project we’ve been working on over the first two installments and add a single contact view to the working contact list we’ve already created.

Next Toby introduces us to one of the many useful wizards that Flash Builder has in it’s data development toolkit which generate server side code for you. Once you’ve concluded the tutorial, you’ll have a working application that grabs data from the database via PHP – and all without you having to write a single line of PHP code!

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