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Add this Flex 3 Pocket Guide to Your Library … for Free!

Rachael Wilson

Flex 3

Our latest Adobe-sponsored giveaway is live, and up for grabs this time are 100 copies of the excellent book, Getting Started with Flex 3, delivered to your door. Just read through our latest tutorial, Supercharge Your Flex App with ColdFusion Power, then take the quiz to win!

About the Book

Getting Started with Flex 3 is a must-read for any Flex developer. It consists of multiple mini-tutorials that are presented step-by-step, showing you how easy it can be to develop Rich Internet Applications using Flex 3. Having this handbook in your library is an asset if you want to be able to build Flash applications of any magnitude; from a simple widget to a complicated, multi featured RIA. Instructing you on the basics to more advanced applications using the Flex SDK and Flex Builder 3, no matter if you came from an Visual Studio-intensive or open source background.

The last time we offered a book prize like this, all 100 copies were gone within hours, so get in quick before you miss out!

Learn More with a Free eSeminar

Adobe are running a bunch of free online learning sessions over the next couple of months, and there are other topics covering development with Flex and Flash. These eSeminars are a great way to expand your skillset — and best of all they’re free.

A huge thank you to our sponsor, Adobe, for making this prize available!