7+ jQuery Microsoft Excel Type Plugins

Sam Deering

In no particular order, we give you a handpicked collection of 7+ jQuery Microsoft Excel Type plugins you may have not used before! You would never guess you are using these MS Excel type jQuery plugins, as it works as good as your MS Excel software does. Enjoy!

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1. Handsontable

Is a minimalistic approach to Excel-like table editor in HTML & jQuery. Now with column and row headers!
Source + Demo

2. jQuery.sheet

Gives you all sorts of possibilities when it comes to giving your web application a spreadsheet style interface with MS Excel style calculations.

3. jquerycsvtotable

The jQuery CSV to Table plugin reads in comma separated values (CSV) or tab separated values (TSV) data and generates an HTML table. Common spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel, are capable of saving in both CSV and TSV format.

4. jqGrid

Is a grid component for ASP.NET & PHP based on the world’s most popular and flexible jQuery grid plugins

5. Flexigrid

Similar in concept with the Ext Grid only its pure jQuery love, which makes it light weight and follows the jQuery mantra of running with the least amount of configuration.
Source + Demo

6. tgrid

Lightweight jQuery datagrid plugin.
Source + Demo

7. jQuery SpreadSheet

jQuery spreadsheet control.
jQuery SpreadSheet
Source + Demo

8. JQuery for Everyone: Dynamically Sizing Excel Web Parts

To force the web part to dynamically resize itself based on its content’s height and width, I needed to understand how the page works. The Dashboard page first loads the DOM (Document Object Model) then loads ExcelRenderer.aspx pages inside iframes.
Dynamically Sizing Excel Web Parts
Source + Demo