By Sachin Bhatnagar

Learnable Screencast: Creating a Product Turntable with JavaScript

By Sachin Bhatnagar
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There are millions of shopping and product review sites on the web today. And almost all of them typically have static photographs of the products and devices that they offer. What if you could present 360 degree animated turntables of products with just a few simple lines of JavaScript and a set of 3D rendered or photographed images? That is precisely what we will cover in this video.

In this screencast you will learn how to take an image sequence and use a few lines of JavaScript to turn it into an animated turntable that you can easily embed on your site, without requiring any additional plugins or software.

When working on an actual project, one would require 3D modeled and rendered images of the product beforehand. These can also be photographed and the basic process is briefly described in the screencast. These resources have however been made available to you on GitHub.


Happy learning!

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