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5 jQuery Live Filter Plugins

By Sam Deering



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Today here is a list of 5 jQuery Live Filter plugins. The general purpose of these plugins is to filter as you type which makes your search easier and faster. Usually the results appear through loading the entire dataset on document load and then simply hiding the ones that don’t match, leaving only the ones that match the search filter visible on screen. Enjoy!

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Update 19/05/2013: Found a cool drag/drop/filter plugin called jQuery.Shapeshift.

1. jQuery Fast Live Filter

Built for speed and ease of use. It was made because existing tools were inadequate (too slow, wrong feature set).

Fast Live Filter


2. jQuery Filter Images (Search Filter)

A pretty nifty photo image search filter which searches and updates pictures to show when you start to type.

jQuery Filter Images


3. Using jQuery to Manipulate and Filter Data

This plugin has four techniques to manipulate and filter date: hover effects, zebra rows, filtering, and sorting.

Using jQuery to Manipulate and Filter Data

Source + Demo

4. Live Text Search Function using jQuery

With just a few lines of code and a single text input box you can add a text filter to any site content.

Live Text Search Functio


5. jQuery.liveFilter

A jQuery plugin to filter a list of data or elements.



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