18 Great Stripe Generators and Textures on the Web

Tara Hornor

Stripes are a great way to create some energy in your background or just give your designs some texture. This collection gives you two sets of tools: generators and images. The stripe generators allow you to create and download repeatable stripe patterns right out of the browser. These are great for simple stripe patterns and quick design if you don’t have the software to create your own stripe patterns, making them perfect for use in any design project. The images have a bit more texture and can be customized using Photoshop or other raster image editing software.

Let us know your favorites and how you end up using stripes in your designs!


Of course you can design your own stripes in Photoshop, but why waste the time when there are excellent stripe generators available on the web? The following are three of the most popular generators; one of them is sure to become your favorite.


This generator is absolutely free and comes with amazing features. Choose from four stripe orientations, enter any RGB color and as many as you need, and even choose the width and spacing of the stripes!

Stripe Generator 2.0

Another amazingly free stripe generator, this one comes with 8 stripe orientations along with other extra features such as shadows and CSS code for adding your stripes to your website. You can also save your stripes on this site for later use or view stripe creations of other users!


This generator is also free and a bit different than the two generators mentioned above. You can actually hand draw your own stripes using a pen tool and clicking on the drawing board. You can even choose a pre-designed pattern to trace your chosen colors over, so more complicated patterns are possible.


The following are some of the best stripe patterns and textures available on the web. If you find what you need in the collection below, save some time getting lost in play with the generators and get straight to designing!