10 JavaScript Chrome Experiments Showcase

Sam Deering

With HTML5 canvas, WebGL and SVG, it’s possible to create CRAAAZY JavaScript animation effects and Chrome Experiments! Some of them are using WebSockets, socket.io and node.js to make scalable and realtime apps. Though # 10 (JS 909) was showcased way back in 2008, it is an *ss kickn’ experiment among them (I spent almost an hour playing it!). Better check out # 6 (Ball Droppings) too! Awesome! Enjoy!

1. Twitter Browser

Within this JavaScript experiment JSON is used to talk directly to the API, and jQuery takes care of the animations between elements.

Twitter Browser

Source + Demo

2. Pixelatr

A massively multi-user collaborative pixel art page. It lets any number of users edit the same large grid of pixels in real time.


Source + Demo

3. Rumpetroll

You’re a little tadpole in the world wide pond where you can interact with other swimmers.


Source + Demo

4. Tankworld

It is a tank shooter, you can use a wide range of weapons to fight your opponents. In some levels you can find a helicopter then explore the world.


Source + Demo

5. Multi User SketchPad

The idea is simple. A sketchpad where everyone can draw at the same time. The result is something much more interesting than I expected.

Multi User SketchPad

Source + Demo

6. Ball Droppings

Uses the Canvas tag again extensively, allowing end users to draw multiple lines within the browser on which the “balls” can be animated upon. Experiment also uses alternative sounds to illustrate bounce depth and rotation.

Ball Droppings

Source + Demo

7. Contributors

This experiment from Matt Ryall, uses JavaScript, and the processing.js JavaScript library. It encompasses a small collection of animated visualizations which analyze wiki data.



8. Plink

It is a multiplayer music experience with a super intuitive user interface. Simply by clicking and moving your mouse you create music in real time. You can play by yourself or together with three friends (or strangers). No hassle, just plain fun music creation.


Source + Demo

9. Many Lines

As with “Contributors” mentioned earlier, many lines is another JavaScript experiment which utilizes particlejs for its main engine.

Many Lines

Source + Demo

10. JS 909

The Man in Blue is the alter ego of Cameron Adams, this JavaScript experiment was showcased wayyy back in 2008, and utilizes Quicktime. With HTML5, the audio tag will be pivotal in JavaScript applications like this making it to the browser.

JS 909

Source + Demo