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Video: Playing with jQuery and the CSS Class Selector

By Sachin Bhatnagar

The CSS Class selector is very useful when you need to manage or apply CSS styles to multiple elements. Additionally the CSS Selector has performance advantages and can be overloaded. This becomes more exciting when jQuery is used to add/remove or toggle classes.

In this screencast, we’ll take a look at how jQuery makes it easy to add/remove or toggle classes based on user events such as mouse-clicks and mouse-overs. Follow along with these code samples on GitHub.

This screencast is a sample of my course Introduction to jQuery, now available on Learnable, SitePoint’s learning platform. This course is designed to get you up and running with jQuery with practical and easy-to-use examples. If you liked this screencast, then head over to Learnable to join the course today!

Sachin began dabbling with computers at the age of 14 when his Dad bought him a Sinclair Spectrum home computer. An early exposure to coding and an equal amount of passion for visual effects led him to step into both these industries. For the past 15 years, Sachin has been actively involved in the Techno-Creative education industry as an instructor and a curriculum designer. Having trained over 1000 students across two leading education brands in India, Sachin has also been instrumental in designing world class curricula, supervising internationally acclaimed & award winning student short films, fueling innovation and promoting the use of technology at his workplace, crafting brand identities and providing software-as-a-service solutions to corporates. A loving Dad, a world cuisine connoisseur and a budding writer, Sachin believes in perseverance, attention to detail and logic as mantras to a successful professional life.

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