10+ Helpful Tools and Kits for Android Developers

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Useful tools and kits help the android developers to design applications and developments in short time, but with better interface and catchy designs. Unlike Apple tools, Android kits are not very widespread. Tools for android developers are comprehensive and they allow the developers to apply their creativity. Worth a look?

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It’s been a while since we last share to you the best mobile development tips, now we’re back again and this time we are giving you our collection of 10+ Helpful Tools Kits for Android Developers. Enjoy!

1. Android Interaction Design Patterns

This is androidpatterns.com, a set of interaction patterns that can help you design Android apps. An interaction pattern is a short hand summary of a design solution that has proven to work more than once.

Android Interaction

Source + Demo

2. Android GUI PSD Vector Kit

A set that comes with several button elements as well as different interface options for Android GUI.

Android GUI

Source + Demo

3. Google Android

Stencil set for Google Android prototyping.

Google Android

Source + Demo

4. Google Nexus One Template

Package contains PSD files with PNG files.

Nexus One

Source + Demo

5. Android: Search Toolbar

Search .psd and .ping.

Search Toolbar

Source + Demo

6. iDroid Icons for Android

iDroid is a fresh and elegant replacement icon set for the Android OS in use on many modern handsets, such as the HTC Hero. The icons found on this page are 48×48 png images, ready to be used by certain Home Replacement applications like PandaHome, OpenHome or dxTop. They can also be used with Bettercut.

iDroid Icons

Source + Demo

7. :icons: Breathe

Breathe is a new replacement icon set for the Android OS, inspired by iPhone styled rounded icons.


Source + Demo

8. HTC G1 Dream Smartphone .PSD

(Real .PSD, not rendered.)

HTC G1 Dream

Source + Demo

9. Honeycomb Stencils & Sketchsheets

Using the Motorola Xoom as our frame, we’ve created an Android Honeycomb Omnigraffle stencil and sketchsheets that will let you sketch out your ideas and guide your design process.

Stencils & Sketchsheets

Source + Demo

10. DroidDraw

A standalone binary executable available: (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).


Source + Demo

11. Android Sketch Stencil Version

Sketch style Android OmniGraffle template. The purpose of the sketch style wireframe is to prevent the intended audience from thinking about visual design and encourages them to focus on the functionality and behavior being proposed.

Android Sketch Stencil

Source + Demo

12. Sensor Simulator Description

Sensor simulator is a java standalone application that simulates sensor data and transmits them to the Android emulator.

Sensor Simulator

Source + Demo

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