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Black Friday: 2 Years of SitePoint Premium for $99

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Teaser: Here's what we have planned over the next few months...
  • Get Started with Functional JavaScript Programming [course]
  • PHP and MySQL: Novice to Ninja [book]
  • Designing UX: Prototyping [book]
  • Angular 2: Novice to Ninja [book]
  • Building a WordPress Theme From Scratch [course]
  • JavaScript Master [book]
Get 2 Years of SitePoint Premium for $99 The library covers all skill levels, including topics like WordPress, CSS, HTML, responsive web design, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and much more. All our stuff, yours to download, for just $99. Buy now and save $99! Grab this deal before it's gone! Ends midnight Cyber Monday.
Kristi Progri, Nov 23

Nextcloud: an Open-source Dropbox, Google Drive Alternative

Kristi Progri presents Nextcloud, an open-source, self-hosted alternative to file sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Nov 23

How to Hack Brains with Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are like the snow globes of the web – simple yet strangely mesmerizing. Here's how to use them in your web design.
Tim Evko, Nov 22

The Skills and Qualities of a Good Web Engineer

In this one-on-one episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David talk about humility, curiosity, discipline and the other qualities of a good developer.
Christian Heilmann, Nov 22

Free as in Puppy — Open Sourcing Your JavaScript Code

Christian Heilmann and Rita Zhang look at the benefits of releasing your code as an open source project, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.
Simon Codrington, Nov 22

The Power of Open Source in the Foundation Framework

Simon Codrington illustrates the power open source brings to front-end frameworks and talks to the guys from Zurb, the team behind Foundation. 
Giannis Konstantinidis, Nov 21

An Introduction to OSVR

Giannis Konstantinidis looks at the OSVR platform and headsets, and their promise within the open source movement in virtual reality.
Elio Qoshi, Nov 21

Open Source Week at SitePoint

Elio Qoshi announces the start of Open Source Week here at SitePoint!
Ralph Mason, Nov 18

Writing for Money: Tips for Planning Your Next Article Pitch

Ralph Mason discusses things you should think about when planning, scoping out and pitching article ideas to publishers, and how to write a killer outline.
Zack Wallace, Nov 17

What's the Difference between Meteor and Electron?

At first glance, Meteor and Electron may seem similar, Zack investigates the very different strengths of each and explains when to use each one.
Lucero del Alba, Nov 16

How to Build an Image with the Dockerfile

Lucero covers how to build an image with the Dockerfile, explaining syntax, best practices, basic tools and runtime libraries, packages and shipping.
M. David Green, Nov 15

The Challenges of Responsive Web Design, with Ethan Marcotte

In this episode, David and Tim are joined by Ethan Marcotte, a well-known designer who coined the term Responsive Web Design.
M. David Green, Nov 09

JavaScript and the Pressure to Knowing Everything, with Christian Heilmann

In this episode, Tim and David are joined by Christian Heilmann, well-known developer, speaker, author and Developer Evangelist at Microsoft.
Lucero del Alba, Nov 08

Data Serialization Comparison: JSON, YAML, BSON, MessagePack

Lucero compares the data serialization options of JSON, YAML, BSON and MessagePack, weighing up their pros and cons, ease of use and performance.
Stephen Altrogge, Nov 08

Use Indeed Prime to Get Matched with Only the Best Companies

Indeed Prime helps developers, product managers, data scientists, designers, and sales professionals simplify their job searches and land their dream jobs.
Tim Evko, Nov 01

Ensuring Cultural and Gender Diversity in Tech, with Nicole Sanchez

In this episode, David and Tim discuss diversity in tech with Nicole Sanchez, the Vice President of Social Impact at GitHub.
Craig Buckler, Nov 01

Browser Trends November 2016: Rise of the Underdog

In October, we discussed reasons why Edge has struggled to gain momentum. Are November's StatCounter browser statistics better for Microsoft's flagship brow
Design & UX
Jan Losert, Nov 01

26 Steps of Product & Dashboard Design

Jan Losert has spent 4 years refining his refining his design product dashboard design – now he's ready to share his insights and secrets. Read on.
Michael Grogan, Oct 26

Shiny and R: How to Add Themes and Customize Error Messages

Michael Grogan explains how to link the UI and server side in a Shiny app, customize Shiny themes, and implement error messages to guide end users.
Mark Pedersen, Oct 19

Progressive Web Apps: Bridging the Gap Between Web and Mobile

Mark Pedersen takes a look at what progressive web apps are, their advantages and disadvantages, and reasons to consider building one for yourself.
M. David Green, Oct 18

Job Interviews, and Tips for Getting a Web Development Job

In this one-on-one episode, Tim and David discuss the ins and outs of job interviews in the web industry and getting a web development job.
Binay Jha, Oct 14

Quick Tip: How to Add Coupons to a Magento eCommerce Store

Binay Jha demonstrates how to add coupons to a Magento store via the admin panel.
Lucero del Alba, Oct 12

Cloud Storage: Choosing Between Drobpox, Drive, S3 and Others

Lucero digs into cloud storage options, covering everything from small and very practical requirements for domestic users to the needs of businesses.
M. David Green, Oct 11

CSS Grids, Flexbox, Columns, Shapes and Regions, with Rachel Andrew

In this episode, Tim and David are joined by Rachel Andrew, co-creator of Perch CMS and leading expert on CSS Grid Layouts.
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