Watch the Build 2016 Event, Live on SitePoint!

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Watch the Build 2016 Event, Live on SitePoint!

Microsoft Build 2016

We’re excited to bring you a live stream of Microsoft’s sold-out developer event – Build 2016!

Build is the annual Microsoft developer conference aimed at software and web developers using Windows, Azure, Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies.

Watch the live stream of the three-day Developer Conference between March 30th – April 1st.
Tune into talks by Gabriel Aul, Mark Russinovich, Scott Hanselman, Lara Rubbelke and many more.
Here’s your chance to learn about the latest tools and technologies that are helping developers be more creative and productive today!

Ophelie LechatOphelie Lechat
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Ophelie was Head of Content at SitePoint and SitePoint Premium. She also runs

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