Object-oriented PHP

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Are you sick of unravelling unmaintainable spaghetti code? We have a new Learnable course that will help you learn to write more readable, more sharable and more maintainable PHP code: Learn Object-oriented PHP.

In eight video lessons, guru PHP developer Lorna Mitchell (author of SitePoint book PHP Master) will teach you to write more efficient and powerful code. Save time, stop being frustrated, and advance your career with your new skills. Say goodbye to unmanageable PHP code, and start writing object-oriented PHP. You’ll be glad you did … or your money back!

The course covers an introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with PHP; inheritance; how to architect modular systems; magic methods; user accounts; visibility (public, private and protected) and much more. Each topic is presented with a practical code demonstration, and Lorna also shares plenty of hints and tips for writing more efficient and powerful code along the way.

You tell ’em, Lorna.

Get some more detail here about who the course is suitable for, the cost and how to order.

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Ricky Onsman is a freelance web designer, developer, editor and writer. With a background in information and content services, he built his first website in 1994 for a disability information service and has been messing about on the Web ever since.

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