My Top 5 AngularJS Demo Applications

Sam Deering

Here are the top 5 demos/apps that I have seen (so far!) which use AngularJS framework. Demos/rankings current as of 16-11-2012. If you haven’t heard of Angular JS before it is a JavaScript Framework which is great for creating dynamic HTML templates which can utilize cool features such as two way data binding and custom HTML tags. Although it’s definitely a usable framework as it stands now, it is one to look out for in the future.

1. Sublime2 and Textmate Theme Creator

Awesome design, easy to use and download your custom theme.

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2. Movies search IMDB

Fast, awesome slider filter, nice category filters. Built with jQuery, AngularJS and taffyDB JavaScript database.

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3. Angular JS Panels

Nice demo of two way data binding and model structure.

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4. Awesome Todo List

Simple but elegant.

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5. Employee Login App

Nice UI – Built with AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Sass and Rails.

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6. Wine Cellar App

There is one more demo which is pretty good and worth a mention.

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