The Ultimate CSS Survey: Standards and Learning

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Our CSS Survey is still going strong, with nearly 6000 entries between the three parts. Last week I featured part two of the survey and provided a sneak preview into the results gleaned from part one.

So let’s look at some quick tidbits from part two, which focused on CSS tools and workflow:

  • 74% of respondents use a CSS preprocessor for the majority of new projects
  • 73% of respondents feel that a language like Sass is the way CSS should have been created in the first place
  • 36% of respondents don’t use any kind of CSS methodology (BEM, OOCSS, etc.)
  • 24% of respondents write their vendor prefixes manually
  • More than 80% of respondents have never filed a CSS-related bug with a browser or framework

There are lots more interesting results from the surveys, which we’ll be discussing in full in the weeks to come. We’re still hoping to collect more data, so hang tight!

Moving on to Part 3…

You may have already filled in the third part of the survey (we’ve had over 1,200 responses to part three so far), but if you’ve been putting it off, then consider this your official reminder.

Part three focuses on learning tools with questions covering:

  • Do you enjoy reading the official specs?
  • What are your favorite websites for CSS tutorials?
  • How do you keep up with CSS news and info?
  • What CSS books have had a big impact on your CSS education?

The final part of the survey is embedded below.

If you still haven’t filled out parts one and two, the links for those are below:

As already mentioned, a future post related to this survey will reveal the results, and we’ll likely have multiple discussions and articles related to the data.

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