Talk With The Experts: CSS

Ricky Onsman

When I say “Experts”, I don’t mean just any garden variety, common old experts we happened to have lying around.

No, sir. This week, our increasingly popular online chat session features Louis Lazaris, most recently known as the author of our Jump Start CSS title, but well known to many SitePoint readers for the many articles on HTML and CSS he has written for SitePoint over the years – as well as many more on his own website – and his groundbreaking contributions to our 2011 book HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World, and the video course of the same name.

But that’s not all.

Also in attendance will be Rachel Andrew, the Technical Editor for Jump Start CSS, who is also know to us as the author of our CSS Anthology and co-author of Everything You Know About CSS is Wrong.

But that’s not all.

Code samples tend to be a key part of any discussion about CSS, and wouldn’t you know it, Talk With The Experts is this week launching its new super-duper, custom-made, verrry shiny Live Code window.

All of this should make it one of the best TWTEs ever. There will be a transcript made available after the event, but why would you wait for that when you can jump in and join the chat from 12.30 PDT on Thursday, July 25?

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