Take Your JavaScript to the Next Level with the Experts

    Ricky Onsman
    Ricky Onsman

    When Craig Buckler researched the best programming language to learn in 2013, he found that demand for JavaScript has increased faster than for any other language.

    As the web evolves, JavaScript keeps raising its status as a proper programming language to be taken seriously and learned fully, rather than being just that code snippet you use without really knowing how it works, or even just that language that sits somewhere behind jQuery and other libraries.

    At SitePoint, we’ve been watching this trend, listening to our readers’ feedback and plotting a flexible learning path to enhancing your JavaScript skills. Now is a perfect time for you to get comfortable with what is likely to be a key partner for HTML and CSS for some time to come.

    Talk with the Experts

    Today, Wednesday May 15, at 2:30pm PDT, you have our JS experts Ara Pehlivanian and Don Nguyen all to yourselves for free, to ask them any questions about JavaScript you may have. Best practices, trends, libraries, big or small challenges, anything. They will be there waiting for you. Transcripts will be available after the event. More here.

    Jump Start JavaScript eBook

    As our JavaScript experts, Ara and Don compiled a 150 page guide to mastering the fundamentals of JavaScript. The book steps you through an app project that provides the perfect base for anyone getting started with JavaScript or needing the context to explain what they’ve been using so far. The focus is on pragmatism and practical contexts. More here.

    The JavaScript resource List

    Between SitePoint and Learnable, we have amassed an impressive collection of instructional resources related to JavaScript: books, video courses, tutorial articles and screencasts by some of the most skilled exponents of JavaScript around. We’ve taken in which of those have been getting the most of your attention and positive feedback, and we’ve given thought to what content delivers the greatest benefit to web professionals, now and into the future.

    The upshot is that we’re just about ready to publish a shortlist of our best JavaScript content available on SitePoint and Learnable: enough material to get anyone pumped to write the best JavaScript code ever.

    So, if you’re keen to embrace JavaScript and bring it securely within your skillset, join in the Talk with the Experts session tomorrow (lurking is perfectly acceptable) and take a look at Jump Start JavaScript.

    Tomorrow, we’ll publish our resource list, and you’ll be ready to take your JavaScript skills to a new level, whether that’s as a beginner or a practised scripter looking for more advanced techniques.