By Jennifer Farley

Super Bowl XLV Logo Unveiled By NFL

By Jennifer Farley

The new standard logo for the American Super Bowl XLV was unveiled today by the NFL and there’s a buzz on Twitter and some design blogs about it, although not very many images. There has been a new logo every year for the Superbowl but starting with the 2011 Super Bowl, the logo will basically remain almost the same. The only difference is that the Roman numerals and the stadium backdrop and will change for every year thereafter.

Image From ESPN

The silver XLV logo features the Lombardi Trophy, Roman Numerals and the Cowboys Stadium.  Mark Waller, chief marketing officer for the NFL, said that this logo will be the permanent design for the Super Bowl, with each host city allowed to regionalize the logo. Waller said there will be a style guide for the logo which can be customized with the colors of the city.  If you’re not up to scratch with your roman numerals XLV is 45.

Last years logo, a big, brasher, bolder affair was designed by Attik and was designed to look like a football whizzing through the goal posts with the Roman Numeral XLIV sitting either side.


Below you can see the schematic Attik have released giving an overview of how their logo was built up.


Any thoughts on the new logo? How do you think the shiney silver look compares with last years colorful, more brash logo?

*Update: Apologies, in my excitement with the new logo I pressed publish on this before the post was finished with a pic of the new logo!*

  • Jon P

    Your about a year too late on this one. The super bowl logo that was just released is for Super Bowl XLV (not XLIV). But this is an interesting post anyways.

  • Toneboy

    I would hardly say it has just been revealed today. It’s been on show for quite a while now.

  • Anonymous

    That is the wrong logo for XLIV… the correct design is here…

  • SUTBComics

    I like the Super Bowl XLV logo alot. It looks amazing however…I’m not so keen on the Super Bowl logo being standardized. Different Super Bowl logos have been a hallmark of the game since jumpstreet and I don’t like the commissioner mucking around with that.

  • Nice enough logo, prefer football (soccer) though!

  • Wow. Amazingly phallic. I suppose that’s appropriate.

  • Charlie Street

    The new logo looks lovely.

    Media Street

  • Al

    I think the location name and picture should be equal to the Lombardi trophy. They seem, well, under-represented. That said, I like the new logo (XLV) far more than 2009’s in-your-face logo (XLIV). In-your-face is soooo 90’s…

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