By Kevin Yank

Sun’s Java Studio Creator is also a free download

By Kevin Yank

Microsoft isn’t the only one giving away IDEs. Java Studio Creator is now a free download.

Either Sun wasn’t getting many takers at the normal US$99 price point (which was chosen to accomodate the entry-level developers for whom this tool was designed), or they feel a free IDE will promote the Java platform even better.

No word yet on whether this is a permanent change, so you should probably jump on this offer right away if you don’t want to miss out.

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  • I just started to try eclipse out, now i will check this out to and compare.

  • JaredB

    Its probably free because they will be releasing Java Studio Creator 2 in the very near future. It boasts a whole bunch of improvements over the current version, if you are eager to see whats in store, you can download the early access release of Java Studio Creator 2 instead.

  • WebDevGuy

    I’ve been programming in PHP for a while and feel very confortable developing quickly in it. There are several things that are making me rethink php as the language of my future development:

    1—From what I gather, there is better “centralized” security (built in ACL) for enterprise apps—like “what I think” EJB has
    2—Much easier to learn more about advanced topics because much more is written about it—like using MVC in web apps. Yes there are a few articles written about it in php but not nearly the volumes as in Java

    I had some Java training 3 years ago but it wasn’t especially great training and I don’t remember much.

    My goal is to use java for web apps initially then move to EJB.

    Would it be better to start out learning Java using Eclipse or Java Studio Creator?

  • I have been programming PHP for a while and feel very comfortable developing quickly in it. There are several things that are making me rethink php as the language of my future development:

    1. Bad recursion support
    2. Many PHP-modules are not thread safe
    3. No namespaces
    4. Non-standard date format characters
    5. Magic quotes hell
    6. No standard framework (but PHP is cross platform)

    but i still love to program in PHP because it is a hell lot easier
    and….. lastly complexity(limited OOP’s still under development) for large applications cannot be achieved as in JSP or ASP(i hate it…dont know the reason but styll..may be M$)

    and as far as i have programmed in Eclipse….it usually hangs forever on FC4 or maybe just my PC :D

    The best advice would be start Java with EditPlus and then move on to NetBeans IDE.

  • WebDevGuy

    hussainak – thanks

  • bonefry

    Eclipse runs pretty solid on my computer in FC4 and I only have 512 MB RAM (it runs pretty decent for basic Java editing with 256 MB).

    @hussainak, you are probably using the Eclipse version included in FC4 which is compiled with GCJ … and it is experimental. Download the official version and run it with the official JVM.

    Netbeans is pretty good for beginers, and as a free solution for J2EE development (Eclipse WTP is currently too instable).

    Sun is promoting Studio Creator because the second version is about to be released. And $99 is cheap enough for most of us.

  • Cesar M

    Hello Im new at this so here goes I just started a web site but I didnt know how to fix it up the way I wanted I was using yahoo site builder but I want to put java scripts on it so were can I buy the program or what else can I use to make my site better please I need help on this im a newbie

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