Socks and Backups: Two Things You Can Never Have Too Many Of!

By sgrosvenor

There are some things in life that will always serve you well, many pairs of socks and a good solid backup procedure for your data.

Ask yourself the question how many times have you been hit by a hard drive failure or data corruption and not had a backup? What most people say is that they have had catastrophic data loss with no backup of their data usually only once. This normally occurs when you have no decent backup plan in operation.

I mention this as I had a drive failure over the weekend on a portable disk that I shuttle between work and home; lots of important data, and all of it was important data that I couldn’t do without. What was my reaction? Pretty simple really, I restored by data from the backup I had made the night before.

Now this sounds really simple, and the only reason that it was so simple was because I have a pretty solid backup plan that I adhere to strictly. Getting into the routine of backing up your data, is something that you should make a habit of, and there’s plenty of hardware and software around that can help you carry out the task.

Personally I use Dantz Retrospect Professional (link below) coupled with two Maxtor External 250GB Firewire drives for onsite and offsite backups.

Dantz Retrospect Professional

Maxtor External Firewire Drives

The beauty of the Maxtor External drive is that it has a ‘one-touch’ button on the front of the drive which ties into the bundled Dantz Restrospect Express software, allowing instantaneous backups across your system. I ended up upgrading to the Professional version of the software as I needed to backup from multiple network drives, but the package as it comes gives great piece of mind for all your essential data.

  • Heya Steve,

    Just wanted to know if you supplement the onsite and offsite backups with an offline backup such as DVD or Tape.


  • sgrosvenor


    Once every two weeks, the contents of the partitions are burnt off onto DVD, i get through some DVDs, but i have that extra piece of mind :-)



    [QUOTE=smithhayward]Heya Steve,

    Just wanted to know if you supplement the onsite and offsite backups with an offline backup such as DVD or Tape.


  • Anonymous

    I will say that I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with Maxtor drives. I’ve been working with about 12 external drives (mostly 250 gigs) over the past year or so and have had several of them fail on me. They don’t fail completely but parts of the media on the drive somehow gets corrupted or goes bad. I’ve had the worst experience with the latest one touch drives which do not include a fan and instead are supposed to rely on the aluminum casing for aledgedly cooling the unit. These drives run very very hot.

    Also, the hyped “one touch” feature — I’ve never gotten it to work. Yeah I haven’t tried in about a year, but after spending four or five hours on it I realized it wasn’t that important. The other sucky thing about Maxtor is their customer support. They are not available on weekends or evenings which is generally when I try to troubleshoot things. And finally — yes I know this sounds like a hate piece on Maxtor — Maxtor has no real tools to help you when you do lose data on their drives. The only thing that even remotely resembles a file recovery utility is some weird download from their website that requires you to make a floppy on your A: drive and then doesn’t work at all. Why even have that on your site? And didn’t A: drive discs really belong to the last century?

    Anyway. I should be receiving my first non Maxtor drive (a 250 gig Cobra) this week. We will see if I have more success with that.

    In the meantime I’d probably steer anyone that cares about their data away from Maxtor products for the time being — particularly if you use them for mp3s or other digital media… based on my bad experience of course.

  • Anonymous

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