What is Bower?

Part of Screencast Series: Exploring Development Workflows

Published March 2016

If you use jQuery or Bootstrap, then this dependency management tool is for you.

Bower is a dependency management tool for front-end browser tool, such as jQuery, Bootstrap, and virtually every other modern front-end tool on the Web today. You can use it to acquire the necessary versions for any of these front-end packages that are dependencies in your application.

This tutorial will explain how Bower can be used to help you to use it effectively to manage your project’s front-end dependencies.


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Brad Westfall

Brad is the developer/designer and owner behind AZPixels.com. Like many, Brad has been working with web development for a long time; 1999. He is a front-end specialist with a passion in building web applications, attending meet-ups and teaching. If you attend a web developer bootcamp, he may even be your teacher!