A Complete Guide to Learning ChatGPT 4, Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and AI

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Get the skills needed to leverage the incredible AI tools revolutionizing how we approach work, tasks, and creativity

  • 199 Videos
  • 10 hours 38 minutes
  • 450 Happy Students

About the course

Achieve goals faster with ChatGPT, prioritize tasks, and streamline workflow. Generate targeted content with ChatGPT, capitalize on trends, and create ads, newsletters, and media campaigns using ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Dall-E 2

ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), capable of generating human-like responses to natural language inputs and trained on a massive corpus of text data, making it highly proficient in tasks, including language translation, text summarization, and conversational dialogue.

This course begins with an introduction to the fundamentals, prompting ideas for ChatGPT, and moves on to simplify complex information and prompt engineering. We will explore content creation, social media, copywriting, SEO, and video scripts and then into code generation, algorithms, debugging, and documentation. You will learn about Midjourney setup, settings, workflow, commands, prompting, and stylization. We will understand reiterating, upscaling, aspect ratios, and remixing, and then advance to DALL-E 2 website interface, layout, prompting, creating variations, inpainting, outpainting, and blending multiple images. We will explore generative AI for gigs, side hustles, freelance, and selling items online, create a talking AI avatar, bulk create TikTok, reels, and shorts.

Upon completion, this course provides the skills and knowledge needed to leverage and benefit from the incredible AI tools revolutionizing how we approach work, tasks, and creativity.

All resources are available at: Github resources

Who this course is for

This course is designed for individuals interested in using AI tools like ChatGPT to create amazing content, regardless of background or experience. Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, professional, or just a curious learner, this course is accessible, engaging, and empowering for everyone keen on using ChatGPT. The prerequisites include no prior experience with AI or programming, but an eagerness to learn and explore new technologies is desirable.

What you will learn from this course

  • Explore ChatGPT fundamentals and 150+ prompting ideas for ChatGPT
  • Simplify complex information and prompt engineering using ChatGPT
  • Use generative AI for gigs, side hustles, freelance, and selling online
  • Use ChatGPT to generate code and algorithms, debug and document
  • Explore Midjourney workflow, commands, prompting, and stylization
  • Use DALL-E 2 for a website interface, layout, prompts, and creating variations
  • 199 Videos
  • 10 hours 38 minutes
  • 450 Happy Students

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Your Transformation By Taking This Course
Meet Your Instructors
Sneak Peak of What’s to Come!
Lesson 2: ChatGPT: Fundamentals and 150+ Prompting Ideas for ChatGPT
Lesson 3: ChatGPT: Prompt Engineering and Custom 17-Page Prompting Guide
Lesson 4: ChatGPT: Simplify Complex Information, Instantly Proofread, and Reorganize Data
Lesson 5: ChatGPT: Content Creation, Social Media, Copywriting, SEO, and Video Scripts
Lesson 6: ChatGPT: Quickly Learn, Research, Prepare for Job Opportunities, and More
Lesson 7: ChatGPT: Real-World Use Cases, Spreadsheets, and Training ChatGPT on Writing
Lesson 8: ChatGPT: Code Generations, Algorithms, Debugging, and Documentation
Lesson 9: Midjourney: Setup, Settings, Workflow, Commands, Prompting, and Stylization
Lesson 10: Midjourney: Reiterating, Upscaling, Aspect Ratios, and Remixing
Lesson 11: Midjourney: Advanced Parameters, Editing Your Photos with Midjourney, and More
Lesson 12: Midjourney: Product Photography, Landing Pages, and Blending Two Images
Lesson 13: DALL-E 2: Keyboard Shortcuts, Inpainting, Outpainting, and Image Blending
Lesson 14: Generative AI for Gigs, Side Hustles, Freelance, and Selling Items Online
Lesson 15: Generative AI for Business, Marketing Emails, Ideation, and Productivity
Lesson 16: Overview: AI Tool Integrations, Combining Multiple Tools, and Free AI Tools
Lesson 17: AI Voice: Fix Any Audio into Podcast Quality, Text to Voice, and Voice Cloning
Lesson 18: AI Photo: Make Your Photo Speak, AI Photoshop Replacement, and Remove Watermarks
Lesson 19: AI Video: Create a Talking AI Avatar, Bulk Create TikToks, Reels, and Shorts
Lesson 20: AI Music: AI Tool Integrations for Music Production and Google’s AI Music Maker
Lesson 21: AI Writing and Copy: Google Sheets, Automate Messaging, and Data Extraction
Lesson 22: Bonus AI Tools, ChatGPT for Google, and Instantly Create Presentation Slides
Lesson 23: Course Conclusion and What’s Next
  • 199 Videos
  • 10 hours 38 minutes
  • 450 Happy Students