Docker for Web Developers

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Docker is the most useful web development tool you're not using

  • 30 Videos
  • 1 hours 35 minutes
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About the course

A typical WordPress installation requires Apache, PHP, MySQL, and the application itself. Docker can have those dependencies installed in minutes with a single command. That environment can be replicated or adapted for similar projects.

Other benefits of Docker include…

  • dependencies are isolated: other than disk space, your PC is not changed. You can run multiple versions of the same software at the same time, e.g. MySQL v5 and v8.
  • web app is portable: it can be transferred to another developer or device and will work identically.
  • dependencies are lightweight: they can be started, stopped, removed, or reinstalled at any time.
  • older dependencies are supported: your app can continue to use the same software forever.
  • use the same tools and workflows: you can code and experiment without risk.
  • deployments are more robust: your app can be launched on live servers and scaled according to demand

Despite this, Docker is often shunned by web developers. It’s considered too technical, unnecessary, or something for DevOps experts. Terminology and resources can be impenetrable and tutorials rarely explain how to use Docker during development.

Docker for Web Developers is a concise and practical guide to Docker, specifically aimed at web developers. You’ll be using Docker in minutes and can progress at your own pace. It has more than 90 minutes of video tutorials covering:

Quick start examples demonstrate how to:

  • install and run a MySQL database on your development PC
  • create a full WordPress development environment
  • build a simple Node.js site and REST API using Docker
  • create a complex quiz application using NGINX, MongoDB, and Node.js
  • make live coding updates and debug with Chrome DevTools andVS Code

Other topics include:

  • how Docker works and web project benefits
  • how to install Docker on Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • how to manage containers with Docker and Docker Compose
  • how to push your application to Docker Hub
  • an introduction to live deployment using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
  • 30 Videos
  • 1 hours 35 minutes
  • 517 Happy Students

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: About the course
About the course
Lesson 2: Introduction
How does Docker help Web Developers
Why should you take this course?
What do you need to know before taking this course?
What problems does Docker solve?
Are you convinced?
Lesson 3: What is Docker?
What is Docker?
Lesson 4: How to install Docker
On Linux
On macOS
On Windows
Lesson 5: Launch a MySQL database with Docker
How to launch a MySQL database
How to run the Adminer MySQL client
How to connect to a container shell
How to stop and restart containers
How to create a Docker network
How to clean Docker data
How to manage containers with Docker compose
Lesson 6: WordPress development with Docker
How to develop WordPress sites with Docker
How to setup WordPress in Docker
How to develop in a WordPress container
Lesson 7: Application development with Docker
How to create application images using Docker
How to build a Docker application image
How to run the application container in development mode
How to debug a containerized application in VS Code
Lesson 8: Pushing your Docer image to a Repository
How to push your image to Docker Hub
Lesson 9: Docker Orchestration
What is container orchestration
Lesson 10: Quiz
Example Quiz Application
How to start and debug the quiz app
Lesson 11: Next steps
What are your next steps?
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  • 30 Videos
  • 1 hours 35 minutes
  • 517 Happy Students