Django A-Z: Build & Deploy Web Projects With Python & Django

Learn Django Core By Building Real Web Application With Python, Django, GIT and Deploy on Railway Server From Basics

  • 76 Videos
  • 7 hours 0 minutes
  • 80 Happy Students

About the course

Welcome to Django A-Z: Build & Deploy Web Projects With Python & Django!

This is the course that will help you to start your web development journey from scratch step-by-step with Python. This course touches on each and every important concept for Django beginners.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Development Environment Set-up. (Libraries, Extensions, IDE’s, Virtualenv)
  • Django Flow & File Structure
  • Django URLs, Views, and Templates
  • Models and SQLite3 Database
  • Set up Static files and Media files Structure. (CSS, JS, Images)
  • Work with Administration Panel
  • Work with Forms and Fields
  • Writing Function-Based Views
  • Messages and Notification.
  • Django Authentication System
  • Functionality for Registration, Login, and Logout
  • Integrating Crispy Form to Improve Registration Functionality
  • Understanding Restrictions - Page, Header
  • Relationship Between Models (Task & User)
  • Understanding Foreign Key Concept - ManyToMany Relationship, OneToOne Relationship
  • Working with Django Security Updates
  • 4 Important Pillars to Deploy
  • Working with GitHub Repository
  • Understanding the working of requirements txt and .gitignore
  • Working with Django Environ (Django Environment Variable)
  • Push project from Local System to GitHub
  • Hiding Secret Key, DEBUG, Allowed Host, Database Information
  • Working with Django Security and Database Update To PostgreSQL

After completing this course you will be ready to work on beginner’s projects! Most importantly you will be ready to dive deep into the amazing possibilities of Django in the future.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a beginner’s guide to Django
  • Please note that basic knowledge of Python is required.

Course materials: Resources

  • 76 Videos
  • 7 hours 0 minutes
  • 80 Happy Students

Courses Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction
Course Introduction
Resources (Important)
ChatGPT & Bard [Optional Crash Course]
Lesson 2: Django as Framework
Lesson 3: Project Setup
Lesson 4: Core Django - Starting Our Project
Lesson 5: Templates
Lesson 6: Model and Migration (Database Stuff)
Lesson 7: Fetch Data and Display On Template
Lesson 8: Django Forms
Lesson 9: Django Messages
Lesson 10: Understanding CSS and Bootstrap
Lesson 11: Implementing CRUD Functionality
Lesson 12: Pagination
Lesson 13: Designing Task Page
Lesson 14: Designing Home Page Using Bootstrap
Lesson 15: Accounts & Authentication
Lesson 16: Registration
Lesson 17: Login & Logout
Lesson 18: Adding Restriction
Lesson 19: Relationship Between Task & User
Lesson 20: Securing our Application
Lesson 21: Database: PostgreSQL
Lesson 22: Complete Project Deployment
Lesson 23: Bonus
  • 76 Videos
  • 7 hours 0 minutes
  • 80 Happy Students