Build a Zend Framework 2 Module

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Published December 2014

Learn PHP’s leading development framework

Time to upskill, PHP developer? Look no further than Zend Framework 2.

This course explores PHP’s flagship framework in a way that suits all PHP devs. Maybe you’re an old hand with the likes of Laravel, FuelPHP, Symfony 2 or Kohana. Or maybe you’re currently building web apps without a PHP or MVC framework. Either way, we think you’ll appreciate the advice of PHP expert Matt Setter.

In this course, he explores the essential features of Zend Framework 2. By the time you’re done, you’ll be putting them to work in your professional and pet projects.

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What you'll learn

Over 11 lessons, Matthew will show you how to:

  • build and configure a module by creating and working with controllers, actions and views
  • leverage view helpers and view partials to save time and energy
  • set up routing
  • interact with a backend database, using models, hydrators, table- and rowgateway classes
  • manage user input with forms, and protect that input with input filters and validation.
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Matthew Setter

I'm a freelance software engineer, with a strong focus on security, privacy, and software craftmanship. I'm also a Zend Framework specialist, and Zend-certified PHP engineer.

Lesson 1: Course Overview
Course Application Overview 3:23
Module Manager 3:01
Service Manager 4:48
Lesson 2: Understanding Zend Framework 2
Create The Project using ZF2 Skeleton App 2:51
The Core Module Structure 5:41
ZF2 Tool Overview 2:34
Lesson 3: Working with the Basic Module
Creating the Basic Module 2:54
Module Walk Through 5:59
Add the Basic Module Configuration 1:35
Set Template Variables 3:21
Template Aliases 2:02
Rendering a Template within a Template 1:51
Lesson 4: ZF2 Layouts
Layouts 6:42
Lesson 5: Databases
Database Setup 5:23
Models and Hydrators 5:13
TableGateway 14:09
ServiceManager Configuration 4:04
Index Controller Configuration 4:49
Lesson 6: Partials
Partial and PartialLoop View Helper 5:20
Lesson 7: ZF2 Forms
Forms 14:54
Lesson 8: ZF2 Input Filters
Input Filters 8:30
Lesson 9: Route Parameters
Using Route Parameters 10:22
Lesson 10: Pagination
Using Pagination 6:42
Lesson 11: Course Conclusion
Conclusion 1:28

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