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iOS Programming Part 1

Get your app idea built and into the AppStore. We'll show you how.
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Release date:
October 2011

This course will teach you to program an iPhone app from scratch.  We will build a twitter client as an example. This course serves as a starting point to develop future apps and games.

Course Contents

Lesson 1: Welcome: What's Required
Free Requirements
Lesson 2: Intro: Xcode and App Types
Xcode Basics
Class Files
Free XCode Layout 4:04
Windows, Views and a tad of MVC
Free Storyboards Overview 3:20
Templates of ViewControllers
Paper & Pen
Importance of UI & UX Design 1:08
Objective C: C is for Cool
Understanding Objects, Methods & Pointers 2:55
How objects are created and used 5:20
Hello World App Video 12:02
Lesson 3: Basics: App Lifecycle, Hooks, Voids and MVC
Special Hook Methods 4:09
Structure of a Class File Set
Threads 3:59
Helpful Stuff
Delegates and Protocols 5:06
First App Logic
New project in XCode 0:59
New Project Code Generated by XCode
Adding Window to Empty Application in XCode 4.3 0:26
Lesson 4: Intermediate: ViewControllers, Patterns & Passing Data
UITabBar & its children
Create a TabBar Controller App 1:55
Two Grand Additions to iOS & Xcode
Create TabBar Controller using Storyboards 1:13
iOS & Social API
Making the Connections 2:38
Xcode5 Update: Connecting Controls to Outlets & Actions
Spicing up the TweetView Controller
Designing our TableView Controller 2:58
Passing Data Theory
Create the TimelineViewController
Fill up the table view
See your work of art in action! 3:21
Pretty it up!
Custom Twitter Cell 2:53
Errors are your friends
Your Progress is my progress


Marcio Valenzuela Marcio has been a programmer for over 10 years. He started off programming in HTML/ASP for websites, then moved on to PHP, SQL, and now ObjectiveC and iOS. His company has uploaded 5 apps to the AppStore.