iOS Programming Part 1

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Published October 2011

Get your app idea built and into the AppStore. We'll show you how.

This course will teach you to program an iPhone app from scratch.  We will build a twitter client as an example. This course serves as a starting point to develop future apps and games.

What you'll learn

  • Design and create an iPhone app from scratch.
  • This will prepare you to create apps they can later upload to Apple’s famous AppStore and make it into a business if they so desire.
Meet your instructor
Marcio Valenzuela

Marcio has been a programmer for over 10 years. He started off programming in HTML/ASP for websites, then moved on to PHP, SQL, and now ObjectiveC and iOS. His company has uploaded 5 apps to the AppStore.

Lesson 1: Welcome: What's Required
Free Requirements
Lesson 2: Intro: Xcode and App Types
Xcode Basics
Class Files
Free XCode Layout 4:04
Windows, Views and a tad of MVC
Free Storyboards Overview 3:20
Templates of ViewControllers
Paper & Pen
Importance of UI & UX Design 1:08
Objective C: C is for Cool
Understanding Objects, Methods & Pointers 2:55
How objects are created and used 5:20
Hello World App Video 12:02
Lesson 3: Basics: App Lifecycle, Hooks, Voids and MVC
Special Hook Methods 4:09
Structure of a Class File Set
Threads 3:59
Helpful Stuff
Delegates and Protocols 5:06
First App Logic
New project in XCode 0:59
New Project Code Generated by XCode
Adding Window to Empty Application in XCode 4.3 0:26
Lesson 4: Intermediate: ViewControllers, Patterns & Passing Data
UITabBar & its children
Create a TabBar Controller App 1:55
Two Grand Additions to iOS & Xcode
Create TabBar Controller using Storyboards 1:13
iOS & Social API
Making the Connections 2:38
Xcode5 Update: Connecting Controls to Outlets & Actions
Spicing up the TweetView Controller
Designing our TableView Controller 2:58
Passing Data Theory
Create the TimelineViewController
Fill up the table view
See your work of art in action! 3:21
Pretty it up!
Custom Twitter Cell 2:53
Errors are your friends
Your Progress is my progress

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