Clarity Conference 2016

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Published April 2016

A conference about style guides and design systems

Clarity is an independent, 2-day, single-track conference in San Francisco. The conference is the first of its kind to focus in on design systems and style guides. Related topics cover front end, voice & tone, branding, user research, accessibility, motion & animation and documentation.

For more industry talks, check out our Talk with the Experts series. You’ll hear from Chris Burgess, Chris Coyier and some of our other instructors discuss topics ranging from CodePen, ES6, IoT, WordPress Security and more…

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

  • Watch industry experts speak about how they tackle guidelines and design systems.
  • Listen to how a company applies company-wide guides.
  • Learn about what influences company guidelines and why.
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor

A conference about Design Systems and Style Guides.

Lesson 1: Brad Frost - Web Designer, Speaker, Writer & Consultant
The Thing Is Design Systems. The Time Is Now. 48:20
Lesson 2: Isaak Hayes - Sr. Product Design Manager, AppDirect, & Donna Chan - Design Researcher, AppDirect
Building Empowering Style Guides with Practical Research 30:10
Lesson 3: Nathan Curtis - Founder & Designer, Eightshapes
Beyond the Toolkit: Spreading a system across people and products 55:32
Lesson 4: Miriam Suzanne - Designer, Developer & Author of several open-source Sass toolkits
Code Patterns for Pattern-Making 40:08
Lesson 5: Stephanie Rewis & Brandon Ferrua - Lead Developers, Design Systems, Salesforce
Crawl, Walk, Run – The Evolution of a Design System 49:41
Lesson 6: Rachel Nabors - Web Animation Expert
Communicating Animation 41:41
Lesson 7: Cordelia McGee-Tubb - Accessibility Engineer, Dropbox
Baking Accessibility In 50:02
Lesson 8: Jeremy Perez-Cruz - Senior Design Manager, Uber
Living Systems: Brand in the context of peoples lives 31:49
Lesson 9: Maya Benari - Front-End Designer, 18F, US Federal Government
Turning the Ship: Living design systems in the federal government 38:53
Lesson 10: Richard Danne - Owner / Design Director, DanneDesign
Designing for Earthlings and Astronauts 1:02:14

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