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Build Mobile Apps and Websites

1h 41m
June 2011
Library / Mobile / Build Mobile Apps and Websites

What you'll learn

  • How to build a simple mobile app, step-by-step
  • Turn HTML into an app you can sell
  • Learn about Geolocation, gestures, device rotation and other mobile features
  • Intermediate
  • Closed captions available

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This course is designed to turn web designers and developers into mobile designers and developers. We’ll show you how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make slick web apps that feel right at home on a mobile device. We’ll take you through the whole process, from design, through to implementation and front-end development.

We’ll also talk about PhoneGap, which is a project that will allow you to turn your HTML masterpiece into real app that you can sell on real app stores.

This course is based on the SitePoint book: Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices. The book is a useful companion to this course, but not required. (It’s still nice to have, coz books are cool too.)

So if you’re a web developer or designer, and you want to make the leap to mobile, then what are you waiting for?

Good deep dive and a rapid pace. Assumes a level of knowledge around HTML, CSS, JQuery already. Used the course principally to look at moving from Webapp to Phonegap.

Lesson 1: Design for Mobile
Free Introduction 3:57
Free Stop. Design Time 11:20
Free Notes and Errata
Lesson 2: Markup for Mobile
Introduction 0:41
HTML and CSS 5:41
CSS Sprites 2:58
Resources 1:51
Viewports 2:50
Progressive Enhancement 3:58
Standalone Mode 2:48
Notes and Errata
StarTrackr - Lesson 2
Lesson 3: Mobile Web Apps
Introduction 0:46
Installing a Webserver 2:23
Events 2:24
Quick Wins and Forms 3:16
Loading Pages 8:14
History 4:25
AJAX 2:58
Notes and Errata
StarTrackr Lesson 3
Lesson 4: Using Device Features
Introduction 0:45
Geolocation 4:33
Device Rotation 1:29
Gestures 6:09
StarTrackr - Lesson 4
Lesson 5: Polishing our App
Introduction 0:15
Fixed Tab bars 2:16
Spinners 1:14
Local Storage 2:07
StarTrackr - Lesson 5
Lesson 6: PhoneGap
Introduction 1:06
Setting up for Android 7:08
Setting up for iOS 1:15
Setting up PhoneGap 4:37
PhoneGap tweaks 7:05
StarTrackr - Lesson 6 - Xcode
StarTrackr - Lesson 6 - Android
Notes and Errata
Thanks 0:31

Myles Eftos

Myles a Perth-based web developer who has worked in all the major web languages, his weapon of choice being Ruby on Rails—although he’s found himself doing more and more front-end development in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


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