By Nick Randolph

Nokia Windows Phone: Question 7

By Nick Randolph

We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone. The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is question 7.

Question 7

Rather than just talking about, and documenting, the design language for Windows Phone, Microsoft decided to provide a set of default styles, font sizes and other resources that developers can reuse within their applications.

List a resource that is available to all Windows Phone developers and give an example of where you should (and for a bonus entry, where you should not) use that resource?

  • Marketing Guidance and Assets gives you WP7 logos for your website

  • Craig Naumann

    One of my “favourites” is PhoneTextAccentStyle for TextBlocks. I use it sparingly to highlight new content from when the app was last used. Ideally you should use it in limited content. Make sure that any images or brand logos don’t overlap sections that use the accent colour, as you may end up masking the text.

    Remember to test the different colours, as I’m sure not everyone uses my favourite (blue).

  • Using the in built PhoneForegroundBrush for text / borders and using the PhoneBackgroundColor for your backing colours will allow your app to switch automacically when the user changes themes.

    I wouldn’t use this for a game or something where you’ve got your own specific look / style you’re trying to achieve.

  • Garth Bacon

    Use the PhoneAccentBrush to set the Foreground colour of a TextBlock. This will then pick up the current Accent colour the user has selected on the device.

    Don’t use if you want the colour to remain static!

  • Austin Andrews has released an Icon pack for WP7 which is a great resource for Windows Phone developers.

    Generally I would recommend using icons sparingly as often simple text can be used which makes it generally easier for user’s to understand your app rather than a heap of icons.

  • The competition is now closed for entries. The following entries have been recorded for this question. If, for whatever reason, your entry is not in this list, please feel free to respond
    Ryan (2 entries as first answer)
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    Daniel Spruce
    Garth Bacon
    Jake Ginnivan

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