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For the next four weeks we’re running a challenge that will test out your knowledge of Windows Phone development. Each week there will be posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm EST in which we will ask a question on some aspect of developing and designing for Windows Phone.

Your challenge is to answer the question to be in the running to win a Nokia Windows Phone, as recently announced at Nokia World. You must Tweet or Share a link to the questions you answer. Here are the details:


  • Posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm EST
  • First question Wednesday 9th November
  • Last question Friday 2nd December


To enter into the draw you must have an Australian address for us to post the prize to, and you must stick tightly to the following rules and guidelines.

  1. Tweet, Blog or Share a link to the question. Use our share buttons underneath the headlines if you like, or roll your own.
  2. Correctly answer the question by adding a comment to the post, and in return you receive one entry into the draw
  3. Don’t repeat answers already posted as no draw entry will be awarded, but do post alternative creative answers
  4. The first correct answer to each question will receive 2 entries in the draw, so arrive early and post great answers quickly
  5. You can answer as many questions as you want, each correctly answered question will award you a draw entry
  6. Do not answer the same question twice as this prevents you from being awarded an entry for that question

Whilst the last question will be posted on 2nd December, entries will remain open on all questions until December 15th, after which we will determine entries, and draw a winner.

Now, make sure you pencil the dates into your calendar so that you don’t forget. You can come by at any stage whilst the competition is running but if you’re the first to answer a question you’re in with a second chance. Good luck!


If you have a question about the challenge and how it works, please post a comment below and we will answer both there and in this FAQ section. Thanks for playing, and good luck.

Aren’t we all travelling home at 6pm? Okay that’s likely, so we have decided to change this to an extra curricular activity, and the questions will be released at 8pm on the designated days.

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