Nokia Windows Phone: Question 5

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We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone. The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is Question 2.

Question 5

Microsoft has always prided itself on providing best-of-breed tools to support developers building applications for their platform. Windows Phone is no exception; the coupling of Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4 enables developers and designers to work hand in hand to rapidly develop applications for Windows Phone.

Discuss one aspect of developing, or designing, applications for Windows Phone that makes it easier, better, faster or more enjoyable that developing for other mobile platforms.

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Nick is a software architect and developer with experience across a range of technologies, and has a particular interest in the future of rich client and mobile device applications. Nick is a speaker, author, a Microsoft MVP and owner of Built To Roam.

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