By Nick Randolph

Nokia Windows Phone: Question 4

By Nick Randolph

We’re running a challenge where in you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone. The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is Question 2.

Question 4

The Mango update for Windows Phone brought with it a large array of APIs for working with hardware and integrating into the core platform experience. For example, application developers have raw access to the video stream for the camera, and they can directly access contacts and appointments from the device.

List an API (or a set of APIs) that allow developers to build Windows Phone applications that integrate with either device hardware or into the core platform (e.g. integration into one of the hubs)?


  • David Gordon

    MediaHistoryItem allows you add recently played media in your application to the recent (or now playing) lists in the Music + Video hub.

  • Craig Naumann

    How about the Reminder functionality to allow your app to leverage the built in Scheduler API?
    I’m using that in conjunction with the Contacts API to issue reminders on contact birthdays.

  • One of the strengths of the windows phone as a gaming platform is its ability to utilise motion sensors within the phone to be able to controls onscreen actions without a traditional button press. This is achieved through the Combined Motion API. Please see the following for some more info:

  • Since the release of Mango, I have been surprised by the use of Microsoft.Phone.Tasks.SaveRingtoneTask ( which allows apps to add a ringtone to user’s phone.

    A number of apps and games are now shipping with ringtones. Games in particular I think this is a great idea for, tap a button on the main screen to add the theme msuic as a ringtone. Brilliant.

  • One of the least known API’s are Search Extra’s, allowing you to expose your app in bing searches and also suggest your app when user’s are viewing locations. In the US (not available in Aus you can also expose your app to other search results like Products and movies!). Depending on the integration you are after the feature is called App Connect or App Instant Answer.

    First register the extensions in your WMAppManifest:

    The ConsumerID is a hardcoded guid, so it always must be the same.

    Then create your extras file:

    Windows Phone MVC Example


    Showing off App Connect support

    You then need to setup a uri map to rewrite the search extra’s uri. Windows Phone MVC actually does this for you, and all you need to do is put this on the MvcApplicationService


    :) For more info check and

    • Seeing as the example is mostly xml, and the xml has been stripped out :P Maybe just look at the msdn pages :P

  • The Combined Motion API cleans up the Math-requirements pre-Mango.

  • Garth Bacon

    The Background Transfer Service APis to enable files to transfer (upload and download) data between your Windows Phone apllication and a server on the internet

  • The competition is now closed for entries. The following entries have been recorded for this question. If, for whatever reason, your entry is not in this list, please feel free to respond
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