By Nick Randolph

Nokia Windows Phone: Question 11

By Nick Randolph

The final night in our challenge wherein you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone. The rules are detailed in the aforelinked post. And here it is, question 10. Thanks for taking part and stay tuned for the award ceremony.

Question 11

Building a successful application is more than simply building a great Windows Phone application. In addition to the technical and design challenges of creating an application you also need to consider how you’re going to spread the word about your application. For example you should think carefully about the title, description and other metadata for your application when submitting it to Marketplace as this may affect the adoption of your application.

List one or more things that you should consider in order to increase the number of users of your application.


  • Advertising your application through services like Microsoft and Google ads. Having a Panoramic market place image will help bring some more eyes to your application as this allows your application to be displayed in the Marketplace App as its background.

  • Using Trial Mode!

  • Joel

    Build it in HTML5 so that users of real mobile platforms can use the app too. Use BBM on BlackBerry to spread the word or iMessage on iOS. Don’t bother spreading the word on Android because although their devices are hot, app purchases are not.

    Windows Phone?! are you serious? I don’t even like running Windows on my laptop – why would I want to ruin my mobile experience by using a phone that defaults to Internet Explorer for the Internet?! Who still uses IE? That’s so 2003.


  • Craig Naumann

    Publish the marketplace deep link to social media – get your friends to spread the word. If you’ve got a blog or webpage, make sure you include the “Download for Windows Phone 7” ( image for linking to the marketplace (

  • Joe Fazzino

    – Icon design is an important factor that comes into if I want to download an app or not it has to be eye catching but something that wouldn’t look out of place on the start screen (metro is preferable) the icon should also have a transparent background so that the user feels that the app is more personal.

    – The marketplace provides a good way of advertisement itself with the panorama image that is chosen from the featured section. This depends on how good your app is and then you can enter for promotion and then when you get featured you get a random chance of being the background of the panorama

    – Facebook is a fantastic advertising platform for everything if someone likes your app then all of their friends will see that their friend has liked it and may check it out, seeing how most people have over 200 friends this is big advertising for free.

  • Incorporating social media links into your apps helps spread he word and gives the users a sense of connection with the developers.

  • Clinton Cherry

    Create a video of your application – it provides a great way for people to be able to see how the application flows, works and runs in 30 seconds!

  • Peter Smith

    Referrals win in-app perks! Your best advertising in mobile apps are the people who have already paid for it, so get them working for you! Sure, all those social media hooks are good, and you can even tie them into your own website to keep them trending and current, but it’s amazing how much incentive getting a little star next to your name generates for some people…or unlocking new interstitial animations…. referral link to contact…..try it!

    Another good idea is to give your paid users cross platform full access. Limited usage before paying, but once you’re bought the app, you can run the home computer version, or the one on your tablet, or on that other phone you don’t use all that much. Yeah, this one’s harder to keep under control, and you might think you’re cutting into your own market, but it’s been used successfully by LastPass, among others.

  • Garth Bacon

    Build Your Core of Most Loyal Users:
    Start Off With A Free Version
    Add support/feedback link to your app
    Beta test your app
    Get in touch with Microsoft User Community
    Get in touch with local user groups

    From Teleriks white paper on how to promote your windows phone app, check it out for many more ideas:

  • Kunal

    The most important aspect after developing your app is it’s promotion.
    A developer must promote or at least have an presence outside the marketplace.
    He/she must have an site/blog for the respective app.
    The developer can feature his app on adduplex.
    And submit his apps to online WP7 community sites for reviews.

  • Get in touch with your local “mobile champion” (for Australia I’d reccomend Mr Dave Glover @dglover) and ask how you can be put on the list to become one of the Marketplace “Featured Applications”.

  • If you’re an Aussie Developer – You really should let me know at WPDownUnder – so I can add you to the Ausse WP7 Dev list for free promotion and support of the WP7AU community!


    Cheers all,
    Sheeds :)

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