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More Colors with Less

By Sandy Ludosky



Free JavaScript Book!

Write powerful, clean and maintainable JavaScript.

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It’s simple to compute data and perform calculations directly in your stylesheet using Less. It’s also simple to create and mix colors in your stylesheet — without having to use a color picker.

Watch me as I show you how to create new colors from existing colors with the lighten() and darken() functions. Join me and learn how to make CSS more dynamic and rich in colors with the power of Less.

Want to see how much more you can do with Less? Come and watch my new course Introduction to Less on Learnable. I’ve got you covered.

Sandy is a freelance Web Designer and Developer based out of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. She specializes in front-end development with HTML, CSS, CSS3 Animation, Sass, Javascript, and JQuery. Sandy has a passion for creating beautiful, engaging and user-friendly websites. On top of being an online instructor, she is an avid learner of new technologies and digital stuff with a keen interest in web marketing, web analytics, design, video production, and photography.

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