5 jQuery Viewport Plugins

Sam Deering
Sam Deering

Basically, the viewport is the part of the webpage that the user can currently see, the scrollbars move the viewport to show other parts of the page. If your developing for devices including the viewport meta tag is a must! Today we are sharing you what we think 5 best jQuery Viewport plugins that you will definitely find very useful for your layout needs.

1. Viewport Selectors for jQuery

With these selectors you can check whether element is inside or outside of viewport.
Viewport Selectors

2. jQuery Bullseye – Viewport detection plug-in for jQuery!

A versatile & lightweight plug-in for jQuery that adds enterviewport and leaveviewport events to elements.
jQuery Bullseye
Source + Demo

3. Within Viewport

Indicates whether an element is entirely within the viewport. It also allows you to specify your site’s effective viewport (eg, to account for fixed header and navigation bars) and provides a few handy shortcut notations).
Within Viewport

4. jQuery viewportOffset

Like the built-in jQuery .offset() method, but calculates left and top from the element’s position relative to the viewport, not the document.
jQuery viewportOffset

5. jQuery.Viewport

Very helpful and lightweight jQuery plugin that makes an element as a handy viewport for displaying elements with absolute position.
Source + Demo